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  1. General Reef Discussion
    water quality is good, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, PH 8.0, my nitrates have been stable around 5. I have been trying to get nitrates to 0. I bought a new test kit of the same brand(API) and the nitrates tested at 0. The old test kit is also API which one should I believe. I tested water from the same...
  2. Instruction manuals
    Red Sea Test Lab Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate Test Kits Introduction to the Nitrification Process As fish digest their food they produce ammonia as a waste product. In solution the total dissolved ammonia changes between two forms, the toxic ammonia (NH3) and the relatively harmless ammonium...
  3. Instruction manuals
    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate Test Kits Ammonia Test Instructions Why test for Ammonia? Fish continually release ammonia (NH3) directly into the water through their gills, urine, and solid waste. Uneaten food and other decaying organic matter also add ammonia to the...
  4. Yard Landscaping

    Various pictures of the landscaping work I did on my yard prior to my wedding
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 220gal reef with 100g refugium and a reliable home built protein skimmer. medium/high flow in tank, x3 250W MH + 96W of T5 actinic on a 6hr cycle, minimal additives and few fish. The tank has been running solidly for more than 4 years with few changes. Nitrates have always been zero...
  6. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    . Posted on R.C. and they told me what I had was a Majano Anemone... So, I'm killing it right away. =)
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Well i have been constantly seeing nitrates in my 12g tank. I have a blue damsel, small clown, and a mandarin. I have 2 shrimp, 7 hermits, and 7 snails. I have numerous corals including a pagoda, frogspawn, finger, toadstool, shrooms, zoas, kenya tree, and a tooth. I have a koralia 1 (400gph)...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Could a HOB filter filled with LR drive nitrates through the roof in a 2 week period? I am trying to figure out what happened with my nano. I set it up using water from my maintank (0ppm nitrates) and in the 2 weeks it was running, I had a pistol die. I checked nitrates first, and they are...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    All right, newbie question time (actually I just always used to take my water to the LFS for testing but I want to do it myself now.) So I'm in the market for some testing supplies. From what I've gathered, Salifert is the choice brand. However which test kits should I buy? I have a pH probe...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I have been running my tank for 5 weeks now, working on week 6. It took a while for my tank to actually start its cycle. Was 3 weeks in before I was able to detect anything. I think running my lights all the time from day 1 was the problem. I had hair algae on week number 2, which I think was...
  11. The THINK Tank
    Hey all, My boss in the cuttlefish lab wants to step uip from chincy dip stick nitrate test kits and wants to see what test are of scientific grade? Thank, Scott~
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I just finished up w/ a "Marine lab" by Red Sea, but I wasnt to thrilled w/ it. Anything better more reliable, accurate you can think of you liked more than others? I only have FOWLR tanks. Thanks.
  13. The THINK Tank
    Out of the many brands of test kits out now, witch would/do you buy? all are saying the samething but witch is so called the best? them things cost money so I want to get it right the first time! Thanks
1-16 of 88 Results