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  1. Tank Specs
    Hey all, I'm new to this and to TRT so forgive any idiotic comments please! Specs - 10g, 10lb sand, 10lb LR, Hydor 240 gph pump, heater, maxspect 240r razor LED Inhabitants - Blue damsel Bud PS - Haven't done more than 5 posts so I can't use the link to my URL tank image yet! Will update...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I currently have a 72 gallon bow front, which has been up and running for almost two years now, but am buying a Biocube either 14 or 29 gallon, and my question is, can i take water from my 72 gallon tank to use in the biocube so i dont have to wait for it to cycle?
  3. Nano Reefs
    hey i just started a 15 gal tall nano and just wanted to get some advice from you guys i am fairly new so here's what i got so far 15 tall tank running for about a month now 20" current pc fixture 40w dual daylight and 40w dual actinic 1 power head 5 snails 4 hermit crabs 1 striped damsel...
  4. Nano Reefs
    It has been awhile since I've done a reef tank, I am talking like 7 years.. I have recently started a 29 gallon Nano and I am curious as to why, after 10 days I have not seen any signs of a cycle..? I put 30 lbs of fully cured Bali Alor from Premium aquatics and about 25lbs of Ls (half from an...
  5. Nano Reefs
    Hello all, I am new to the world of reefing and have just bought all required materials to start my cycling process. I have a 20 gallon L tank and bought 20 lbs. of live sand and 21 lbs. of cured live rock, as well as 2 power heads, D-D H2Ocean Pro + sea salt, hydro/thermometer, test kit, and...
  6. Nano Reefs
    Hey I just started a JBJ Nano cube 12 gal. Added about 12lbs. of fiji live rock, it's been running for about 3wks now. I think it has gone through a cycle, since I had diatom bloom. I had a problem with some hair algae about a week ago, since then I've added 3 mexican turbos and 5 blue leg...
1-6 of 6 Results