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  1. LPS Coral Forum
    So I bought my first coral the other day, it took a minute but I think it is finally comfortable. There is something so satisfing about finally seeing open up all the way. I had to adjust my powerheads but as soon as I did I fully expaned. I just wanted to share my excitemen.
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hi there My partner and I have 2 fish tanks, the newest being a salt water tank we inherited as it were. There are a few corals in the tank and a few mushroom things which have reproduced. We have noticed this white thing floating around the tank which has now settled on the rock and has...
  3. LPS Coral Forum
    Hey guys I got a frogspawn that has two heads a couple of days ago and it hasnt really opened up. I placed it in medium lighting and in low flow. All of my other corals are happy as can be they all opened with in hours of me getting them that includes... duncan coral, mushrooms, finger leather...
  4. SPS Coral Forum
    Hi im not sure what these corals are. Could anyone please id them for me. Thanks :)
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Picked this up for cheap at my LFS, as well as some palys. Colors on this thing are great. Here are the plays. not sure of the name. anyone?
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I went today to pick up my dosing pump and came back with one of my favorites. Best $20 I've spent in a long time.
  7. New Corals

    Galaxea, monti, frogspawn, red toadstool, zoas
  8. New Corals

    Galaxea, monti, frogspawn, red toadstool, zoas
  9. New Corals

    Red toadstool
  10. New Corals

    Galaxea, monti, frogspawn, red toadstool, zoas
  11. New Corals

    Galaxea, monti, frogspawn, red toadstool, zoas
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Hello - I'm excited about getting LED's set up over my 75 gallon tank (4 AI Sol Blue) - I know it takes a couple of months of ramp up to let the corals adjust from the 5 bulb T5 set up I had - and I don't suspect with that kind of coverage I'll be running them at full blast (I'm still...
  13. "Soft" corals
    i really dont know what kind of coral this is, anyways, i bought some live rock from my lfs and 2 days later i noticed a coral like thing growing, i astonished, i didnt know if it grew naturally or it was already there from my lfs. anyways, if you guys can help me identify it and tell me if its...
  14. "Soft" corals
    I'm new to this hobby; my tank is still cycling, but it's almost done! Anyway, I KNOW I can't add any corals yet, but when my tank is ready, I want to add some. I wanted to hear some advice from everyone about adding them, placing them, and all of that...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    So I was sitting here eating some mac&cheese, when my phone rang with an EXCITED Friend on the line... He told me that his friends father is moving and is getting rid of his 120gal Reef! At first I thought he was going to offer it to me!... Well, this would've been Super Nice! But to my...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I went to the LFS yesterday and bought my first corals:dance:, a little rock with some sort of zoanthids and a rock with 4 green striped mushrooms. They are in my tank and doing great. Finally got some pics, Just thought I'd share
  17. General Reef Discussion
    I went to a new LFS this weekend. Their deals were so good I went back 2x after my first visit. They were having a buy one get one coral free deal this weekend and I took advantage of it!!!! I got two tri-color acropora frags, A sunset monitpora, a superman montipora, a pink ricordea frag, and a...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, Today I added my first two pieces of coral to my 55g. They are two frags (flower pot and soft coral polyp). Can someone tell me where I should place the two pieces? Right now the coral polyp is wedged in a crevice of my LR and the flower pot is sitting on top of the sand bed. Any...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    i am interested in buying a second coral, and i am stuck between a kenya tree coral or a zooanthid colony also if there are any corals u would recomend for a 14 gallon biocube with stock lighting. please respond soon. i already have green star polyps.
1-20 of 32 Results