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  1. Lps Corals

  2. Atlanta Reef Club
    Looking for an Neon Green Open Brain. Anyone have one for sale?
  3. Atlanta Reef Club
    65 lbs of LR ($3 a lb if split up) $150 Lg LR w/ attached 4" - 5" Gorgonian and button polyps $ 35 Lg LR w/ attached Cabbage Coral $ 35 - Pending falisu Lg LR w/ large Zoa colony (100+ polyps) $ 40 Sm LR w/ GSP $ 15 Gorgonian - 4" - 5" - Unmounted $ 15 Corky Finger - 3"+ $ 15 Neon Green Open...
  4. Atlanta Reef Club
    Live Rock- 3.50 a pound, this stuff is premium marshall and fiji rock with lots of corraline, sponge, and even a few random SPSs growing on it. Dont know how much i have, probably like 70 lbs. Discounts to anyone who takes 50 lbs or more off my hands. Lighting- I've got a 36" 2x175 watt MH...
  5. Atlanta Reef Club
    I'm moving to athens to go to UGA in the fall and dont wanna have to take care of a reef tank until i've had a few semesters to get a decent cumulative GPA in. plus i need some money for books and furnashings and such so i'm cashing out of the hobby for a while. here's whats for sale (or...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I just posted this to the shrimp/anemone thread. I decided to make it a separate thread to solicit advice. I had 3 peps and a skunk housed with a BTA. The shrimp would steal food from the BTA even after it ate the food. The BTA learned to clamp down after a few times. I eventually moved the...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all, I am debating on whether to buy a few cleaner shrimps & maybe a coral banded shrimp this weekend but have an anemone. Will the shrimps be O.K? Thanks
  8. Diseases,coral /inverts
    Do snails eat leather. I purchased what I thought were turbo grazers for my cleanup crew...I posted earlier that both my toadstool and "other" leather were looking miserable. The toadstool was open and beautiful one day and now shut down for 3. Just now after the lights went down to actinic...
  9. Tank Specs
    20 Gallon Reef Tank Set-up Tank Setup 20-gallon all glass tank purchased at Cartimar Market, Pasay City. Stand is made of wrought iron and came with the tank. Salt water, live sand and 2 African clownfish added 11/02/2001. Live rock added 11/11/2001. Lighting 1 15 watt flourescent tube that...
1-9 of 9 Results