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  1. Reef Fish
    I was not aware that many wrasse species sleep with mucous nets. Since this is the first time I have seen it I figured I would grab a picture and post it. Pretty Cool!
  2. Sleeping Mystery Wrasse

    Mucous net around Mystery Wrasse.
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Hello reefers, I've had my mystery wrasse for about 3 years now. He's a awesome fish. Very active and eats anything! He's sometimes a bully during feeding time. Is there any other wrasse he's compatible with? photo hosting
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hey i have a mystery wrasse in my 55g reef. He is a light purple and yellow but i want him to get the best coloration. what should i feed him? thanks
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hey there trt. I got a beautiful mystery wrasse 5 days ago. He's 2 1/2" long. The lfs said they've had the wrasse for a month and was doing great. To be honest my wrasse does NOTHING but swim around having a good time in my tank...but wont eat frozen mysis. Think the wrasse will be more...
  6. Reef Fish
    I Currently have a Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse + Malanaris Wrasse + Blue-Sided Fairy Wrasse, I Like 4 line/6 line wrasse, but I HAVE to get a MYSTERY! I have a 120 SPS, Does anyone think I would have a problems with my Lubbock's or a 6/4-line by adding a Mystery Wrasse? What about Adding a...
  7. Tank Specs
    First is a 12gal Eclipse Nano...(first saltwater tank, got it last year for my B-day) Pretty much stock Lighting: 13 watt POS PC 50/50 (Going to upgrade to a 36 watt retro kit soon!) Filtration: Marineland Millenium 2000 (Junked the bio wheel stock set up) In tank: About 15lbs of live rock and...
  8. The THINK Tank
    Hey guys I just recently got a mystery wrasse (In town 100 bucks!) and he has a lil attitude problem. He has already took out a purple and yellow tube worm and possibly a green banded goby. Not to mention beat the hell outta my fire fish =(… So my question has this happened to anyone else...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    OK so I had to retire my first sps today. I took it into the sun to bleach it and I noticed there was about 20 orange spots all over the coral :bigeek: So please let me know if these look familiar and if they could cause a bigger problem in my tank. I have a couple of other sps in there.
  10. PMAC Members Only
    Starting Tuesday July 1 we're having a moving sale on livestock! ALL CORALS & FISH: 40% OFF Some frags are excluded. See you soon.
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Well, its been a few years, several designs and even a location change. BUT, the 150 is finally about to see some water:bigeek:. I'm starting a new thread so that all the picture nuts don't have to sift through 20 some odd pages of jabbering by myself and a few others! So here is what I have...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    90 Gallon Oceanic Tech tank, set up November 2006. 180 lbs LR and 90 lbs LS from TBS. Equipment: DIY ProClear Wet/Dry filter converted to refugium/sump 03/07. ASM G1X protein skimmer. 48" Solaris I4 added 11/07. Peltech 300 Ocean Thermotronic Reversible Conditioner. Neptune Aquacontroller...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Ok so I have a spoiled little Mystery Wrasse that has ate away at my clean up crew. Right now I have 3 Large designer snails and a sand sifting star. I also have a tailspot blennie but he really hasn't eatin much. Well I have to get some cleaners this weekend cause I have some Hair line algae...
  14. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    ok everyone, we need a volunteer to host the July Meeting... anyone up for??? *** Update*** The meeting will be held at my house on Sunday July 13th at 7:30 pm My address is 4203 Edwards Rd, Taylors Parking will not be at my house, but either around the corner or at the church up the road...
  15. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    Ok everyone the June meeting has been set. Craig at Oceans Floor generously offered the use of his store for the June meeting. The meeting will be the 2nd Thursday in June (June 12th) and will start @ 6:00 PM. If you are not a paid member yet... you will want to be one prior to the June...
  16. NFMAS Member Tanks
    The Setup- My 90 Gallon @ 9 Months Old http:// The filtration System- Life Reef http:// Left Side Shot http:// http:// Middle tank shot http:// http:// http:// Right Hand Side http:// FuzzyDwarf Lion (picture from old nano tank) http:// Mystery Wrasse http://
  17. General Reef Discussion
    I am looking for a good centerpiece fish to put in a 120 gallon mixed reef/clam tank. Any suggestions?
  18. General Reef Discussion
    Well it has been awhile so I wanted to show off a couple of pics and get some of your guys input/ advice... First off I cant catch this chromis in my tank! I have tried the trap and food in the net.. So I think my last option is to take all the rock out and get him out of there so I have room...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Im thinking this is going to be my "show piece" in my tank. Anyone have any experience with these? are they hard to keep? I read that they don't care for frozen foods? Anyone want to chime in on the do's and don't and any other info? I want to put this in my RSM 32g... Thanks!! Minimum Tank...
1-20 of 98 Results