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  1. General Reef Discussion
    got 3 new frags ( sucker for 20% off sale @ LFS) couldn't resist. ORA Bule Monti Digi. it's big thinking about fraging the bottom peice for better positioning. An ORA Green Birdsnest, and a Supernatural Monti
  2. Tank Specs
    Tanks associated with the system ·190 gallon display, 72wX24hX25d, single center overflow with 2 1” drains. ·125 gallon sump (running volume of 70 gallons) ·37 gallon display refugium in wetroom ·70 gallon DIY RO/DI top off reservoir ·2 44 gallon Brute can on wheels for additional...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I figured since I have been getting help here I could share some Pics with everyone. Its a 120 Gal. lots of live rock (200+ lbs). Sump is 38 gallon acrylic with AquaC EV-180 skimmer, chaeto and some grape calaeurpa . I've got 2 10k 250W MH with Lumatek digital ballasts. and a regular PC/lunar...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Tricolor Anacropora Blastos Bunnypora Clam Monti Digi Monti Digi
  5. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Alright, I have now completed my tank move as of last night and I several large pieces of LR avail all full cured and coralline encrusted. Many shapes and sizes avail and I also have a few that have corals (3- w/ mushrooms and 1- w/ Grn Monti Digi) for a bit more. I will be around Sat and Sun...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Coralife 36 Inch Aqualight W/ 2-96W Sq. Pin Base And 2-3/4W Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED Lamps Lunar Aqualight Deluxe Series - Double Linear Strip 96 watt 10,000K and 96 watt True Actinic 03 Blue square pin base compact fluorescent lamps Two 3/4 watt Lunar...
  7. SPS Coral Forum
    Well I am still adding sps to my tank and was wondering what are good yellow sps corals to have. I need yellow and maybe red coral to improve tank coloration. Any Ideas? I already have CAPS
  8. Margaritaville
    Its 2 AM here I am Schlitzed as Eric would say. Since its my Spring Break i will be whacked out all week. Got to spend the night out, as my gf was out watching Barack Obama Live at the UO camus. lots o drinking games :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: So im off to crash an wish you ALL a...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Well I notice that there was a small problem with my Acro spp. today. So I took him out of my display and down to the lab (where my new stereo microscope is) and decided to take a closer look. Here is what I found, Let me know if you know what this is. I have not yet looked in the books to ID...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Yup, my SPS's are all but gone. I don't have any idea what happened. I started noticing distress about a month ago so I increased WC's to 20% per week. Water Parms never flinched... Lost..My Giant Orange Monty Cap, Purple Rim Cap, Cat's paw, Purple/Green/and Orange Monti Digi's, and the porite...
  11. Margaritaville
    Good morning Everyone!:wavey: It's finally friday for me. A four day weekend too! Nice to have after an 11 day week.
  12. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Ahead of a likely move to Tennessee now that I've graduated, I'm going to start breaking down my tank. I'm going to dry out my rock and keep it along with all my equipment, but my livestock needs a good home. I've got small sps (many varieties, a few are somewhat rare, and the rest are rather...
  13. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Here are pictures of the corals I can frag for Sunday. Some of them I'm only willing to make one or two frags of, but I'll make as many frags for as many people as I can. All frags are $5, though I'm always willing to trade for new sps frags I don't yet have. Let me know what you have to...
  14. General classifieds
    I have quite a few frags for sale. All the frags are $10 except the 3 large ones. Those are $20 (are they are large!). My tank has no pests like aptasia, red bugs, flat worms ... etc. My frag pics are not that great due to where I keep them in the main tank but take a look. I have also...
  15. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Looking to borrow/ buy a return pump (ASAP). Mag 7, 9.5, or 12 is preferred but needs to run about 700-900 gph. One of the pumps on my frag tank is not running right/ not at all and needs to be replaced. Any one have something avail? Chris 608-386-9003
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Yesterday I finally got some SPS in my tank. Here are the pics :) Pics dont do them justice there is alot more color than shown in all I picked up: Multi color Acro ( Beautiful!!!! Green, purple, pink, blue anf yellow) Pink w/ blue tip Acro 2x Pink Birds nest one larger than the other. Orange...
1-20 of 181 Results