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  1. Nano Reefs
    The LFS had it next to (not infront of) a cyphastrea sign. but it doesnt look like cyphastrea to me. Maybe a green digitata monti? not sure... What do you guys think? Thanks
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Yesterday I moved my monti cap into more light. Not too dramatically, but enough to see a response. It has started turning white around the edges. I'm just wondering if this is bleaching or it turning white, indicating growth. Lights are a Reefbreeders Photon 32 (peaking at about 45% on each...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    20gallon 2 clowns 1 mellenarous wrasse <--IDK spelling 1 randals goby 1 diamondback goby 2 bangia cardinalls 1 Red scooter blenny that eats brine:banana: My montipora i picked up a week ago sated to turn white on the ridges in the center.It started turning white 3 to 5 days after getting it and...
  4. SPS Coral Forum
    Sorry for continually asking about this and the not-so-great pictures (below), but I'm pretty sure that this is STN. For the past few days my green acro has been browning, and I initially thought it wasn't liking the light it was in, so I adjusted that, but now I am noticing tissue loss along...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Just looking for a little advice here. My tanks have been mostly softies and a few LPS up until now, so I am just beginning to venture into the wide world of SPS. Please follow the "My Tanks" link in my sig for tank info if you need it. This is the 90 gal. Params SG: 1.024 Temp: 79 Nitrate: 0...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Just thought I'd share some pictures of some new SPS I picked up this week. They're the first SPS in my 90! Green Acro (anyone have a specific name?) ORA Ponape Birdsnest
  7. SPS Coral Forum
    I have had a orange Monti Cap for about 2-3 months and it has not grown at all. My water parameters are perfect and my birdsnest has taken off (only sps in tank) all my other corals are growing like crazy. The Monti just sits there, I have moved it around with no change. I have a 250w MH in a 29...
  8. SPS Coral Forum
    First of all my tank 40 gal long, crushed coral bed, 45 lb lr, fuge with cheto Water changes weekly. Been running for 10 months. Parameter aare in check with nitrates low and phosphates low, checked 3 weeks ago (normally test once a month unless a derastic change.) Lighting is a t5 ati bulbs x2...
  9. SPS Coral Forum
    Hi TRT, I bought a Monti Cap frag and I was just wondering what the growth pattern is? I noticed that underneath it there are what seem to be bumps or large buds coming out from the bottom. Is this another layer starting to growi?? Thanks!:fish:
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I am beginning to worry about the aggressive encrusting monti I have. I love the colors and just recently I have tuned in my 90g and growth is exceptional. However, over the last week it has begun to enclose and ecrust my eagle eye zoas. How can I deter this? Is ther a way to "train" corals like...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Ok, i have been dealing with this for a couple weeks but seemed to pick up in the last couple days. Most of my Montipora(caps, ect) have been losing color and turning white. First they lost the white growth around the edge and then they started to turn white in random places. Now, wherever it is...
  12. Monti Caps

    vivid ultra purple cap neon green cap bright orange cap
  13. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    i have monti for sale $60 the whole green in the back and $40 for the idaho grape, i can aslo do frags of it. IMG_4215IMG _4216.jpg.jpg
  14. General Reef Discussion
    i have a monti cap under t5 ho's 96 watt it is right at the top of the tank and im seeing some white around the edges all my water levels were tested today and everything was good calcium was over 400 should i lower it in the tank or what should i do?
  15. SPS Coral Forum
    hey, i was just wondering what kind of lighting does a montipora coral need to grow? and could it grow under a 2 bulb t5 fixture if it was about 12" from the light.
  16. SPS Coral Forum
    I bought this at a frag swap last week and I thought it was some type of monti but I'm too new to SPS to know if I'm in the ballpark. Sorry for the night pic here but it's brown with neon green spots. Just want to ID it so I can make sure I meet the husbandry requirements. Any help ID'ing it is...
  17. LPS Coral Forum
    I bought this at a frag swap last week and I thought it was some type of lobed brain coral but someone else said it was some Australian coral I hadn't heard of. Sorry for the night pic here but it's more of a blueish-green with multiple new heads starting around the sides of this main one. Just...
  18. SPS Coral Forum
    ive had my first two sps frags for a few months now, and they are encrusting nicely. the problem, or possible problem is that i dropped both frags on my bubble coral a couple days ago. there are a few white areas on the frags now, im guessing from being stung as they fell. is this going to be...
  19. General classifieds
    I got a frag of the newest toxic spill monti. (LE as of 9/3/11) this is one of the sickest montis i have ever seen. Here are some pics. Price is $140 Shipped. -Sold for $135 (w/out Shipping) On Reef Farmers within 12 hours of new LE status.
  20. Frags2

1-20 of 38 Results