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    This persons ad on CL: I am upgrading my tank to a different lights so I am selling my current light fixture; it's a 48" light fixure that includes 2X 150 watts metal halides plus 2X power compacts. $70 obo. email me if interested. Thanks
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    What is the best place to go to see a variety of light fixtures to narrow down the model and brand of my light fixture? There is no identifing labels. Its a 48" white fixture (nice craftsmanship) that houses 2x175w mougle MH and 2xt12 VHO's. Ballasts are 2 big heavy black boxes with a toggle...
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    ok so right now i have a 117 watt fixture over my 40 gallon reef tank (2x39w 10,000k daylight bulbs, 1x39w actinic bulb) and i feel that its not enough my tank is 12 inches deep and i want to be able to keep SPS and clams. i also want to have the colors of the corals pop more by maybe having...
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    I was thinking of getting LED or MH for my 240g (currently using 8 x 80wT5's)..the aquarium depth is 30' (2 1/2 feet). I do have an LTA at the bottom which has been there for the past one year and looks healthy but i am not too sure other coral/anemones placed anywhere below 2 feet with those...
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    hi guys, I'd like to know if anyone can say to a degree of certainty, a T5's 80w far down in the tank would one say corals can live a healthy life and what would be the maximum depth be to avoid starvation? I have a long tentacle anemone at 2 1/2 feet down from the light ( at the...
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    Well I have been looking into the LED lighting, and found some holes in spectrum I do not like, so I have decided to go with MH :D I have found some ways, and I don't need a chiller or run up the A/C bill! so give me some ideas, how do I sell this to the wife? I was thinking custom DIY...
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    48” SunPod 2x150W HQI Aquarium Lighting Metal Halide or
1-7 of 7 Results