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  1. Member Classifieds
    Had plans for a BIG coral display, but the wife got pregnant and shut it down. My office is now a baby nursery. Brand new. Two (2) available. Comes with everything you need except the electrical wire. Never been wired, never been fired. These ballasts will perfectly fire high-intensity...
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  3. Marine Depot
    A Conversation About Clams With James Fatherree We discuss writing, diving, clam care, and more!
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Just had a quick question for anybody that may know or may have had similar issues using a metal halide fixture. I have a 400w icecap fixture and ballast, the ballast and fixture are new, they've been sitting for quite a long time but have never been used. I ordered a brand new Plusrite 2408...
  5. Member Classifieds
    I have three JBJ K-1-400 Ballasts and three fixtures with JBJ 400W/14K Metal Halide Bulbs for sale. Make offer. Thanks Kelly
  6. Lighting
    Hi Guys, I am looking for a little advice. I have been in the hobby for about 15 years and am in the process of revamping my reef. It suffered a rather crazy green hair algea and phosphate bloom that went uncontrolled for a couple months and I lost most of the livestock. I am getting it back on...
  7. Member Classifieds
    New prices. I need to sell the remaining items to purchase lights I have been out of the hobby for several years and decided to get back in, This weekend I bought a tank and a ton if equipment from someone who was moving and cannot take his tank with him, He had duplicates of several things...
  8. Marine Depot
    10% OFF: LED Strips, MH/LED Fixtures and MORE Make the season BRIGHT with Reef Brite lights for your reef tank!
  9. Lighting
    I've been out of the hobby for the last 7 years and had run a successful 75 gallon LPS tank with twin 175W MH and (2) 40W actinic florescent. I'm preparing to set up a new 120 gallon mixed LPS/SPS tank and am debating between two lighting options. Option 1 - Pair of Ecotech Radion XR30W Pro LED...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    For those heavy metal users... Coralvue has $15 SE Metal Halide Bulbs and $20 DE Bulbs. I think the bigger bulbs are $36/ They have sold out on a few colors, but have a lot left. I stocked up and have placed an order for pver 5 years of bulbs. :thumbup: If you make bulb replacement $15ea...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Well, it has been nearly 5 years... (shesh, I did my doctoral work faster, seriously!), but I have my 120g back from storage and ready for water! It went to my in-laws in May 2011 for the move to DC, then I moved back to NC, and then a few more years before I could get it back. It also serves as...
  12. Member Classifieds
    Got this ballast with a tank I bought but don't need it. Only asking $30 shipped due to I have not tested it. Is dimmable goes from 50% to 110%. Does not have connector end so u can wire in what ever u need. You are buying as is.
  13. Marine Depot
    ☼ 5 Day Lighting Sale ☼ Use coupon GROWSPS by midnight Sunday to score 10% off T5 and Metal Halide lights, bulbs and ballasts!
  14. Member Classifieds
    I have a 20" 150w Sunpod that was used for less than 3 months available for sale. The fixture is in like new condition and includes all original packaging. I have pics available but having some issues getting them into the thread so pm me with an email or cell for pics. Asking $150 OBO
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Hello All, My light fixture includes (3) 250W 14K Hamilton bulbs driven by Hamilton electronic ballasts. I'm looking for a more blue look but not an overpowering blue look - just trying to bring out coloration in my SPS. Would 20K Radiums work ok with these ballasts? If not, please...
  16. Member Classifieds
    As stated I have a 48" Current 150w metal halide light with white and blue leds. All lights work and the halide bulbs seem new since they are so bright I can't look at them. Both leds work but there is only one power supply. I'll be honest, I have no idea what it is worth. It came with the setup...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Hello All, I currently have a 72" Hamilton Cebu fixture that houses 3x250W Hamilton 14K MH, 4x60" T5 HO, and very dim blue LED's over my 180 DT. I would like to add more blue to my tank but don't want to give up the growth as my tank is about 6 months old with lots of small SPS frags. I've...
  18. SPS Coral Forum
    I'm currently looking for a new light for my 40 gallon sps tank. The tank is coming up on a year old and I currently have a max spect razor. I just want to know what would be the absolute best light. I love LEDs and I know they aren't perfect for sps, but I kind if want a fixture that looks...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone, I've been thinking about upgrading my lights on my 40 gallon tank. Currently I have a maxspect razor (the smallest one, it was the only one that would fit) and am looking for an upgrade. I am putting a lot of time and effort into my sps tank and I've finally gotten every parameter...
  20. Lighting
    I'm almost positive this has been asked before but I cant find it This will be for a 125G tank.... I just recently got back into the hobby, I had a 29G reef tank and a 125G that I took care of. but that was back in 2007...sold everything when I went into the military and I missed it so I came...
1-20 of 352 Results