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  1. Tammy The Tang

    my 2 yr old sons fish
  2. Lighting
    So my big idea is to hack a light like this up.. remove the opaque plastic on the bottom, remove the ballast and rewire them remotely away from the bulb.. then Modding the reflector to fit under my hood... They are 400w 110>120V can find them also in a 250w version and was thinking of using a...
  3. Clown

  4. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    I need to order new lights soon... I'm currently using 14,000K Hamilton - 250W Metal Halides.... I think I want to go a little bluer this time... anyone have suggestions?
  5. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    For sale complete retro kit by CoralVue electronic ballast,mogul socket, and reflector purchased from BioReef 4/22/08 (warranty good untill 4/22/10) with an additional CoralVue 400 watt ballast also purchased(used) from BioReef intended to be used as back-up. This could be a head start for an...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone! As the title says I am new to aquariums and kind of overwhelmed. I bought my first aquarium about 2 months ago and been doing great so far BUT it is freshwater.... After going to the stores and seeing all the bright colorfull fish my wife said we should get a saltwater one for...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    just thought i would post some picks of my new 90 gal tank. thanks to tapper12 who made this possible with the good prices on some good pieces of coral to help fill my tank....:wavey:
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, wasnt sure where to post beginner questions. Anyway ive been into freshwater fish for at least 10years. I have kept high quality koi in very large ponts for the last 6 years. Ive always wanted a salt tank but never new much about them. A family member...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    What would be a nice sump that includes a refugium and a skimmer for 120-180 gallons? Also, if you have a stand tank and canopy and the tank doesnt have an overflow how do you filter it? I am new to stand and canopy setups.:idea:
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Can you keep clams with PC lighting?
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I am looking for some Metal Halide lights, I know all the obvious sites like foster and smith, marine depot, etc. but are there sites that are selling them at very reasonable price or are they all about the same.
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Good afternoon all, Firstly Ive now had my tank for just over 8 months and everything is ticking along lovely. Its a 300Litre deep tank. It came with aqua One T8 lights 2 off. However Ive wanted to move on slightly from this. Unfortuneatly I do not have the cash at hand to buy metal Halides...
  13. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    There are patches of this red/rust tinted haze that comes out only when my Metal Halides are on (not when my "actinic's only" are on). This has appeared elsewhere but new to this spot I took the photos for about a 3 weeks now. Since then it is always in the same spot. It is elsewhere in the...
  14. Nano Reefs
    Hey, I'm looking at getting the 24 gallon aquapod w/ the 150w MH lighting. Does anyone have one of these or know anything about them. I really don't want to use a chiller, do you know how well the fan in the system works? Will the lights cook the aquarium without a chiller? and is there a...
  15. DIY Forum
    I am working on a 210g tank setup. It will cover a wall that is 11 feet long. I have welded up a frame from tubing that will be the main support for the stand. The stand will be 43 inches high, man; I really hate those commercial stands that you find yourself looking down into a tank because it...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    If an Anemone dies while it is stuck to a rock, will it stay stuck to it or fall off?
  17. Reefing Equipment
    The tank is a standard 48" long 75 gallon tank. I plan on making a hood myself right now I have 2-96w and 4 65w compact florescent lights the 96w lights are both 6,700k and 10,000k bulbs and the 65w 2 are actinic 03 and 2 are 10,000k bulbs. All the bulbs are old and need to be replaced, if I...
  18. TCMAS
    With the investment I've made into the reef and the unreliablitiy of our power grid, I'm going to bite the bullet and get a emergency generator? I have my eye on an Owen 3500 watt unit with a gas tank large enough to run for 9 hours. Is that enough juice? I have not looked into the...
  19. Lighting
    Hello everyone:wavey:, I have a question, I have been looking at put two 400w 10000k metal halide lights in my 75gal. and I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks. John:agree:
1-20 of 103 Results