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  1. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    Ive been talking to brad(The Pres), he and his wife had a new kid so they been pretty busy. One of the main reasons we haven't herd from him. I think we should have a meeting what do you guys think?
  2. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    I have secured a meeting location at Rochester Pet & Country Store for a meeting / swap meet if anyone is interested since we no longer have a LFS. There is interest from fellow members of TCMAS but I am hoping there is local interest. If it sounds like something you would like to do please...
  3. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    anyone up for this????
  4. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    April 2015 Meeting Date Changed to April 9th Dear David, Minnesota Aquarium Society April Meeting Date Has been changed (April 9th) to coincide with the Annual Show so don't show up this Thursday! Come next week on the 9th. Hope to see everyone there and at the show April 10-12 Sincerely...
  5. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
  6. NFMAS Members only
    Hello all I would like to get back active with the club. When is the next meeting? Thanks Lydell smooth9
  7. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    I liked how the TCMAS did their presales so thought Id start a thread here for it. Ive got kenya trees for free if anyone want the let me know. They wont be attached to anything. I could frag some Neon green nepthea if anyone is interest. Wont be attached either. $10obo Purple brownish yumas...
  8. Special Events
    What: C-SEA January 2014 Meeting - Speaker Matt Pedersen Topic: Marine Fish Breeding 101 and Breeding the Harlequin Filefish When: Friday January 17th, 2014 7:30pm Where: Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo - Building TBA Matt Pedersen (Author on numerous publications, including Coral Magazine and Reef...
  9. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Looks like the meeting is November 9'th from 12:00 to whenever. I will supply pizza and pop. I will be posting the prizes in the next week. Please let me know if your going to be here and how many people you are bringing...
  10. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Hey Everyone, I finally activated my facebook page. If you want to know what I have coming in, whats on special, or whats going on at the store please like my page at Thanks much and I will see everyone at the next meeting
  11. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Hi Everyone, its been a while since I have had a meeting here at the store. Pick which month you want to do and then we will pick the day. Should be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to hosting a fun day here at the store with everyone. Matthew
  12. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    The march meeting wil be held by Kristin on sunday the 25th at 3:00pm.
  13. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Just wanted to thank the gracious hosts again for hosting our meeting. I am the new guy, and enjoyed meeting those in attendance. Perhaps when my new setup is a bit further along, I can host a meeting at my house. Thanks again to all who shared some great information at the meeting. David
  14. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Hello are meetings still on the 3rd saturday of the month. I want to get back to attending meetings. Smooth/Lydell
1-14 of 103 Results