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media reactor
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    Nyos TORQ Reactors—BACK IN STOCK! Feel the TORQ! High-performance reactors with a modular design
  2. General Reef Discussion
    What exactly are media reactors used for? Are they a requirement for every sump? If I am setting up a new sump should I put one in? Thank you!
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    ⚡ Friday Flash Sale! Save $10 on AquaMaxx!
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    How a Media Reactor Works Article + Infographic!
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    WOW! 40% off Filter Socks + 25% off Reactors After Fishmas Sale: 25-40% off select AquaMaxx products!
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    A flow accelerator INSIDE a media reactor? Day 8 of the 12 Days of Fishmas!
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    HOB Reactor Bundle with FREE Carbon Black Friday Every Day! TODAY: FR-SE Bundle w/ FREE Carbon! Plus, save $10 off a $100+ order today with coupon code THANKSVETS in honor of Veterans Day! Some exclusions apply. AquaMaxx FR-SE Hang-On Media Reactor - For Carbon, GFO or BioPellets
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    55G Tank 65G Protein Skimmer 3 Powerheads (1850GPH) 2x 165 Watt LED fixtures running (white / red / green: 8 hours) (blue / actinic: 15 hours) Phosphates and Nirates are 0ppm Using RO/DI water ONLY Reef Crystals Salt for Water Changes So I cleared a diatom algae outbreak probably around a...
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    1 DAY SALE :bigeek: 24 HOUR SALE IS NOW UNDERWAY :bigeek:
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    24 HOUR SALE: 10% off AquaMaxx Reactors Make a resolution for 2016 to improve the quality of your aquarium water! Purchase an AquaMaxx media, calcium or biopellet reactor by midnight and save 10% Just enter coupon code MAXXREACTORS during checkout to claim your savings
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    48 Hour Sale: 10% off NextReef Time to get that media reactor you've been wanting!
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    Win a CAD Lights Media Reactor and get *BONUS* entries for each person you refer! Media reactors are the optimal way to use filter media like carbon, GFO or biopellets because they ensure maximum contact time between the media and your aquarium water. To keep your tank looking its very best...
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    Say Farewell to Phosphate What methods of phosphate control do you use in your reef aquarium?
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    From ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY Get a great-looking tank with better filtration! Sale ends 3/2/15
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    72 HOUR SALE Take 10% off protein skimmers, media reactors, aquarium filters and sumps until midnight Friday w/ coupon CLEANIN2015 Some exclusions apply
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    Tools Every Reef Tank Owner Should Keep in Their Toolbox Sale ends 8/4/14
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    Matt says Innovative Marine broke the mold with the release of the MiniMax media reactor. "With the simplicity, durability, uniqueness and high functionality of this media reactor, I can't see myself using any other reactor in any of my future tanks." Read his full review here: The Truly...
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    Save 10% on Filters, Protein Skimmers and Media Reactors! Enter coupon code FILTERS by midnight Wednesday 7/2/14 to score your discount! PS: Look what just arrived!
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    Many hobbyists have been waiting for the return of AquaMaxx's HOB-1 and ConeS skimmers, but we've got some other goodies back from AquaMaxx that you should definitely consider (rated 5 stars by customers!). First up: AquaMaxx GFO and Carbon Media Reactors are available in both the Standard...
  20. General Reef Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone knew if I could use the nextreef MR1 media reactor for biopellets? Do I need 2 buy anything else? Or just remove the filter pads? Thanks
1-20 of 24 Results