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  1. TCMAS
    Everytime I see some beautiful European tank these two products seem to be mentioned almost hand in hand. So my question is whats the deal? Is anybody in the club using them? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also does anybody routinely test for phospates? I never have and I'm wondering if...
  2. Classifieds - TCMAS Members Only
    Well it is getting much closer to the time where the tank will be drained. I am guessing two weeks tops before the rock is ready. There is about 100-125 pounds of fiji live rock that has been cooked and has absolutelly no algae on it what so ever. I will not have an accurate weight until I...
  3. TCMAS
    i would like to see if there are any carpenters or engineers that can help me with my floor for the new tank? i NEED!!! to make sure that this will hold -matt egan
  4. TCMAS
    can someone pick up a bag of items from Dirk at the meeting for me? he said that he would hand them off to whom ever, wondering who's gonna be there -matt
  5. TCMAS
    I'm going to be setting up my first nano tank and I need to get some live sand. Any suggestions or do's and don'ts? I'll be pulling live rock out of my main tank that has beenn up for 3 years.
  6. TCMAS
    Selling for a friend...$30, ill be in MPLS on Sat....LMK ASAP Working OK as far as I know.
  7. TCMAS Euro-Reef RS250 used about 6 months, in excellent shape!! the only reason i think i'm gonna sell is because i need to buy a new skimmer. figured i'd offer it up to the club for $380 if i can sell it at that price i'm gonan ahve to...
  8. TCMAS
    we need ideas to raise money for a speaker. last year we had a good group or people who donated stuff to the raffle. but is there a better way that we can get more money for items than a raffle? would a sealed auction be better? or is there some other way? also there was talk of a poker...
  9. TCMAS
    dunno for how long, bout 8 big colonies and 4 or 5 frags -matt egan
  10. TCMAS
    does anyone know if these guys work well? the website i saw them on says they ONLY eat aiptaisa but will they eat rock anemonies???? or zoos?
  11. TCMAS
    I just had a ballast burn out on a planted tank. Does anyone have a used Icecap or other good fluorescent ballast for sale?
  12. TCMAS
    i'm thinking of starting a new fish only tank, i need it to be large 180+ gal just wondering if anyone out there has something for sale so i can start to gauge the price. i was thinking of building a 900gal pond sump in my basement over the winter and maybe plumb the fish only and the 320 SPS...
  13. TCMAS
    on who will be the winner of the Acro frag contest. So here we go. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5
  14. TCMAS
    someone told me there was a local place in St luise park, i need to know the spelling so i can get the number or map quest! adelco? or something like that? -matt egan
  15. TCMAS
    anyone have a spider reflector they would sell? i need one more -matt egan
  16. TCMAS
    I have some used 48" VHO bulbs I would like to sell URI Actinic white used 3 months $15. URI AquaSun used 6 months $15. I replaced them with MH I plan on going to the next meeting PM if intrested.
  17. TCMAS
    Not photoshop enhanced. Gosh these things are pretty! (rihanssu will recognize this clam)
  18. TCMAS Members only
    i have 3 sulcatta tortoises for sale 12' + guy is 150$ 10'+ is 110$ 6"+ is 70$ I'm willing to trade them for SPS corals also! or a 250W MH ballast that can run 15K XM bulbs they eat great, never snapped at me and are great with kids (these are some of the tortoises you see kids riding at...
1-19 of 52 Results