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  1. Corals In A 25

    Assorted corals
  2. Tank Part 3

    other side of tank with coral and anemone
  3. My Inverts

    my decorator spider garth
  4. Solar Slug

    Justin found this guy cruising the tank one morning right as the lights came on. upon internet exploration we found it is a solar slug. We still have him and he was found on feb 1, 2009.
  5. 58gal Oceanic Rr Tank Build

    58gal Oceanic RR Tank Build
  6. The THINK Tank
    I called it an HRDSB to distinguish it from an RDSB. HRDSB is a Hikk Remote Deep Sand Bed. What I am referring to is a 5G bucket setup such as this one: Anybody used one or know anybody who has used one to...
  7. Topic of the Week Archive
    For purposes of this discussion the following terms are used to describe certain things: Live Rock: This seems to be self-explanatory but it will include any DIY rocks, any type of actual rock that is used in a tank for a surface for the bacteria to live on. Wet/Dry media: This includes, but...
  8. Dsc01821

    after bulb change
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Hard to believe that we've been posting here 8 years now... :ac15: It doesn't seem that long since the systems were all NO fluorescent bulbs and daylight from a picture window for growth... :eek:
  10. General Reef Discussion
    is some one out there useing a deniterator if so what kind?
  11. The THINK Tank
    FYI.....this was just done.... Some coral news from the Hill: As you are probably aware, the Coral Reef Conservation Amendments Act passed by voice vote on the House floor yesterday (October 22, 2007). We also had a well-attended panel discussion on coral reef ecosystem resilience in...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    My LFS is selling one of these for 100 bucks i never even heard of this thing. Is it reef safe?? its about 6 inches long my cell phone pictures dont do it justice because it is amazing in the colors any input would be helpful because not much is available online. I want him is he is...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I was just wondering what everone out there that has a Royal Gramma feeds it. I am on my second one who seems to be doing fine. The last one I had hid in the rock the whole time and wouldn't come out to eat so he starved to death. This new guy seems to tear it up though. Anyway what does...
  14. Acropora millepora (right) 1/12/07

    The right-most strawberry Acropora millepora as of 1/12/07
  15. General Reef Discussion
    A little under a month ago, I noticed that my peppermint shrimp (Lysmata wurdemanni) were carrying eggs. I decided to try to raise them. This is my second atempt to raise shrimp fry, my first attemp failed quickly due to many issues. I've been recording my progress on a thread entitled "True...
  16. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Has anyone gone and is anyone going. I saw and it sounds like it would be great. I am wanting to get tickets. 5.oo off if you buy during Feb. Let me know if there is one closer or if you have been please. Amy:worm:
  17. Massachusetts North Shore Marine and Reef Club
    If you are new to the hobby and need any questions answered please post your questions here. Or if you have an emergency, regardless of your experience level post the problem here so we can help solve the problem.
  18. TCMAS
    Hi Everybody; Last night was my first meeting I attended with TCMAS. I really enjoyed it and I will be back. WOW you have 2 meetings a month and no dues! You all seem like a really nice bunch of guys and gals (Minnesota Nice?). Since I have now moved to MN, I will be coordinating IMAC from...
1-19 of 121 Results