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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 2 inch maroon. About a month old in my tank. 3 days ago I picked up a tiny maroon less than an inch. Ive had clowns befor, knew theyd fight, but it doesnt seem like the older/bigger one wants to let up. Little guy has tailfin,right side and under fins real torn up. Hes got places to...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Tonight I noticed that our Koren Angel was being picked on by our male maroon and yellow tang, in which neither are normally aggressive. All while the female maroon was acting normal... Aggressive, but not overly. I worried that they were severely hurting the angel so I turned out the lights...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Ok, i have a 16 gal bowfront and Im looking for a fish for it. The only thing in there now is a 3 stripe damsel that was banished from the 46 gal. He's very aggressive, but i sorta wanna keep him because he was the first fish i ever bought and that was a year and a half ago. Does anyone have...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    unfortunately the maroon clown pair sold before I could buy them...I'm thinking about adding a couple small black saddlebacks...anything I should know about these guys? How hard is it to pair them? Should I add 2 small ones or one small, one medium? Thanks!
  5. TCMAS
    I have been noticing lately that my male Ocelaris clownfish twitches. All of a sudden he will just start shaking. It always happens when the female is close by, although not all that often. Is there something wrong w/ him or is he just a weirdo?
  6. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    If anyone was wondering why we are selling our 29G tank in the other thread, Here is the reason. With my current physical limitations it's hard enough maintaining the 2 75G tanks and the 55G. The 29 was even harder being small and needing more care. With this new 12.7G Nano I can do a 1G...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    i really want to put a powder blue in my 65. i have a maroon clown pair with a 15" anenome (HUGE), a peach miday blenny, a 12 line wrasse, and a scooter blenny. the rest of the tank is all hard coral. will the powder blue be a good fit in here or should i pick something else?
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all, I am planning my FIRST :dance: SALT WATER tank and I am pretty sure I will get a dwarf zebra lion fish. I wanted clown fish but read that the lion may eat them. I saw that a few members keep the maroon yellow striped clown with the dwarf lion so would those be safe since they are...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    i have a maroon clown pair with a huge bta, a yellow tang, and a peach midas blenny in my 65 reef. would like to put 2 yellow watchman gobys and a mandarin goby. have a pile of copepods and 150 pounds of lr between the tank and sump. can i do this or is it not a good idea. thanks Matt
  10. General Reef Discussion
    why do both of my long tenticle anenomes sit on the sand? i put them on the rock and they just walk back down to the sand. one of them burries its foot in the sand the other just sits on top! any clues or suggestions to get them to stay on the rock
  11. Classifieds - TCMAS Members Only
    Well, things out of my control, i need to take a temporary break from Reefing, i just dont have the time to maintain my tank, and algae has taken it's course, and I'm tired of maintence, so I'm selling it all Livestock Gold Striped Maroon clown Pair-$40 Bicolor Psuedo Chromis-10$ Cleaner...
  12. Atlanta Reef Club
    I've been kicking around the idea of getting a yashia shrimp goby/pistol shrimp pair. Does anybody have experience with these? I'm curious as to how much care they require and what to feed them (fish and shrimp). Additionally, I've never seen either in a store. Anybody know where to get them...
  13. Eau Claire Reef Club (ECRC)
    I lost most of my fish, most of my inverts, and the tank just about wiped itself out! Water levels tested just pefect, other than SLIGHTLY high (not above 20) nitrates, and the symptoms of death included: Acting normally, suddenly turning pale to the point of white, thrashing a few times, then...
  14. TCMAS
    I'm sure this has been asked before but.....Can you safely mix two different species of clowns in one tank. Specifically, a medium gold stripe marron and a percula.
  15. TCMAS
    I decided that it was time to post a few pics, so here is a recent shot of my 72-gallon reef. :) Fish inhabitants include: maroon clown pair mandarin foxface rabbitfish (looking quite yellow in the shot ;)) dwarf golden angel (still shy, but you can see her munching on some macro on the...
  16. The THINK Tank
    Or at least thats the rumor...... at leqast it seems it. And is that how you spell it : Coraline? Cause i've seen it spelled coralline and corraline even corralline, now it can't be that complicated. Ok, here's my point, sorta, but i do have one.... I can't grow it. I was told that it...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    My clown looks lonely. As soon as I get lights, I will then get him a buddy/host. But I want something thats moderate in size, star pointed and pink to lavender in color. I saw one once. What I liked about it was that it didn't seem too large. I'm try to keep scale in my tank so animals that get...
  18. Diseases,Fish
    Well, it seems my attempts at reefing are just an excuse to kill fish! I purchased a Kole tang and a Lawnmower blenny a couple weeks ago in hopes that they would help control the massive algae problem in my tank. Both appeared healthy. I looked them over very carefully both at the store and...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    I have a maroon gold striped clownfish and someone told me that if I buy another one of a different size that they would fight at first but would eventually pair up. Is this true or do you have to just get lucky and hope they pair up?
1-19 of 19 Results