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  1. Lighting
    Hi everyone, I am setting up a reef tank and I was wondering whether this light is good enough: Have you had any experience with this one? It says...
  2. Skimmers & other filtration
    I have a HOB Marineland 400 Filter for my 75 gallon. I usually use the size E filters that go with the system but does anyone have a better (cheaper) option for using the media compartments instead of buying the filters so often? Or, what do y'all suggest I run in the compartment for added...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, I have a 150 gallon (72x18x28) FOWLR setup currently and have been using my two 36" Marineland advanced LED strip lights. Since I only had fish this was perfect to get things going. Now that I am setup and running I would like to venture into the world of corals. I recently purchased and...
  4. Member Classifieds
    Title pretty much sums it up, I have a 24"x24"x24" 60 Gallon Marineland Rimless Cube Thats completely brand new still has box and stickers. I decided to go with a different sized tank, the local aquarium store has no returns or refunds on aquariums. Located In Northern California. Asking $180
  5. Tank Specs
    Hi, Can you get the Marineland 27 Gallon Cube without the stand? Some online listings make it hard to tell if it includes it or not. Anyone have this setup? Do you like it for reefing? Obviously the lighting would need to be replaced. Thanks!
  6. Nano Reefs
    Have a question about lighting for a Marineland Contour 5 gallon tank? The Tank came with a strip lighting 8 White LED's and about 6 Blue LED's. Is this good enough lighting for live rock and live sand and maybe soft corals?
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I just bought a Marineland Contour 5 Gallon LED tank and was wondering if that lighting will support/grow my live rock and live sand?
  8. General Reef Discussion
    So I noticed a few days that one of my Chromis had a small white blotch on his head, and my Randalls Assessor had light lines down her side. Nothing serious, but I noticed it since i'm always watching the fish. I knew exactly what it was.. The Chromis had early stage HTHD (Hole in the head...
  9. Tank Specs
    Ok guys so I had to tare down my 54g corner due to my townhouse association didn't like anyone to have tanks over 20g well I got fed up with them telling me wtf to do, so I told them to go F them selfs and got a new house my current landy lady said I have free rang to do what ever I wanted so I...
  10. Photography Forum
    finally finished moving everything over from my 55 super excited about the next few months to see how things go.
  11. Tank Specs
    Tank: 90 gl single overflow marineland tank Protien skimmer: bubble magus curve 7 Sump: 30 elite ruby by trigger systems Reactor: 2 stage brs canister with gfo and carbon Return pump: Mag drive 9.5 Lighting: 2 ecotech radion LED lights Circulation: 1 ecotech vortech mp40
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Was in the LFS yesterday getting new Ro/DI filters and some salt, I now have a new 75g corner overflow marineland, it is a beautiful robust tank 48x18x18, these things happen. Anyways right now my main concern is new lighting I currently have a 24 inch ecoxotic with about 180 watts of leds over...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, new to the forum and am pulling my hair out - I just got a wonderfulpresnet from hubby of a 60 gallon tank. HOWEVER the cabinet it came with has one shelf which cannot be removed. The space available is about 30 x 10 wide x 14 tall. NOT ENOUGH room for a wet dry or ANYTHING. I really...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    K so I'm trying to decide between two tanks. One is a used 90g with hood skimmer pumps lights stand sump for $400. The other is a NEW Marineland 60G cube (glass), Stand, and Glass Canopy for about 600. While I know the 90 is a better value, I have to buy a lot of equipment for the 60, I like the...
  15. Member Classifieds
    I am looking to buy some used Marineland LED fixture, looking for either the 24"-36" fixture or the 36"-48" fixture, prefer the 36"-48". They can be working or not as long as the fixture still has the heatsink and most of the casing. Please message me price. Thanks in advance.
  16. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    FOR SALE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION! PRICE FOR BOTH (sell together ONLY!) = $OLD and taking offers! - 90G Marineland Reef Ready with corner overflow, plumbing, BLACK STAND which was reinforced.. Stand with hold and fit 30G LONG sump. Stand is reinforced by 2x4 around front frame and is holding...
  17. Lighting
    I was just curious what everyone thinks about the Marineland Reef Capable LED fixture. please let me know be good for corals?
  18. General Reef Discussion
    What's up everyone! Let me begin with an introduction, I am new to this forum, but not new so new to the reef tank hobby! I was part of a different forum that helped me out a lot when I first started tankery with my 14g NanoCube( But Like many of you, I got sucked into it and...
  19. Reefing Equipment
    I'm running a 90 gallon tank, 3 inch live sand, an entire wall of rocks about half the tanks height (3ft tallish). I have a few frags of a few lps and polyps that havent had the best luck, either no growth, or they're stunted/pulled back into themselves. I'm using a Marineland 48inch...
  20. Member Classifieds
    I have two 24" fixtures for sale. I would like to sell both at the same time if possible. I am willing to negotiate a price with anyone interested. I would entertain the possibility of a reasonable trade and or trade plus payment. These fixtures retail for around $700. I would like to get...
1-20 of 41 Results