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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hey, I am planing to make my marine tank with fish, living rock and shrimp \ hermit crab.. Do I MUST purchase right away RODI system or can I keep it up with tap water, using "Erase-CL" (removes chlorine, chloramines & ammonia) for the cycle period +\- or even more?
  2. "Soft" corals
    Hi, every1 !!!. I am new on the forum but have the past 40 years kept mostly rare freshwater fish/plants but also certain marine fish (I like species tanks). Have also kept some sps/lps corals but I still have some anemones ~ my babies (favorites !!!). The anemones have kept for 7 yrs + now. 2...
  3. 125 gallon tank

    I need to learn how to use this program and post images and videos please give me any suggestions thank you
  4. Reef Fish
    One of the fish in my 120 gallon reef tank is a Blackcap Jawfish, also known as a Tigerstripe Jawfish by most. Originally I wanted a small colony of Yellowhead Jawfish, but I saw him one day and decided to get him. Now I had him for a long time now. Many months. He made his burrow in the...
  5. Mini Diy Frag Tank

    Got my mini diy frag tank up and running with some mushroom, gsp, and zoas going right now!
  6. Nano Reefs
    I'm still fairly new to the aquarium hobby, but I love it. :jester: I have a few different freshwater tanks, a 55 community, a 20 guppy, :fish: (both planted) and a 29 African Cichlid. So I decided to try a marine tank. I went with a 16 gallon bow front. I got it up and cycling today. I got...
  7. The THINK Tank
    I have only been into marine aquariums for a year now, but have always had FW fish. I simply need help and advice with the marine area so I can become more educated in that sense. Any knowledgable advice would be appreciated. Here is my current marine tank: I have the coralife biocube 14. The...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Tank background: 40 gallon breeder w 20 gal sump waters perfect ( thanks to vodka dosing) Current fish: 2 Clowns 3 black goby's yellow goby pajama cardinal 2 Gregory damsels Now my question: Can I have a Fuzzy dwarf lionfish? I see them in the store and look amazing, I just thought he would...
  9. Corals In A 25

    Assorted corals
  10. Par38

  11. Tank Specs
    I surprise myself all honesty, I don't have a 46 gallon thread. Most of my stuff is about questions... Well, here we are. By now, the aquarium itself is about four months old... Give or take. I don't have an exact date. And already I am off to a good start, I believe. The rockwork, instead of...
  12. Carpet Anemone

    This carpet anemone was bought from on 8 Feb 2012. It was listed as assorted Carpet Anemone.
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Dose anyone own a Aqua one 400 marine tank.? I just want to no because I'm thinking of geting one. Please could you give me as much info as pos? Thanku.:beer:
  14. Acclimatization

    drip accl
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I have a massive leather finger in my tank, it is starting to take over and stick to bits of rock making it a nightmare to get out. Dose anybody have any ideas on geting it out?I want to take it to the LFS.I tryed to unstick some of it and it's well on some of my rocks.thanks.:doh::doh:
  16. Crustaceans
    i have two cleaner shrimps in my 55g marine tank,i have had them for about 2 years and they have never pushed the boat out(sex):funny:both of them seem happy.thanks.loads of info please.:cool:
  17. General Reef Discussion
    dose anyone no the best way to siphon sand without taking to much away?:confused:
  18. Clams
    my maxima blue clam in my 55g marine tank thats been set up for about 3 years.:)
  19. Tank Part 3

    other side of tank with coral and anemone
1-20 of 500 Results