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  1. Water Chemistry Archive
    I got the el' cheapo kent marine drip system and some kalk mix. Got some questions. 1. How do you mix your kalkwasser, since they form crust on bottom and top of bucket how do you get to the middle stuff without getting the crust? 2. What type of container you store it in? Is there an...
  2. TCMAS
    About two weeks ago, our apt building downtown shut-off the a/c because Fall was apparently here. Well, as you know, it warmed-up over the past week. Usually, with the a/c, my wife and I would keep the temp at about 68. Without it, it was definitely warmer--maybe 76 or so. It made for some...
  3. Algae ,good and bad
    Just in time for post-season, it's an ID request that resembles a baseball bat... or a balloon you can shape into animals... I'm thinking this is some sort of bubble algae. If so I can easily remove it (I think!) as it is attached only to one small rock with a pocillopora frag. So... algea...
1-8 of 8 Results