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    This is what my apartment looks like from the outside every night. I can only imagine what the neighbors think lol.
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Or can you never have a clean aquarium area I always seem to have buckets, empty tanks, nets, box of salt out or this and that laying around clouding up my tank area maybe i just dont have much room in my small apt. or maybe im not as tidy as i should be anyone noticed this issue?
  3. Kings Bay Marine Aquarium Society (KBMAS)
    Thank you so much!! Im probably going to thank you to death:agree:
  4. Kings Bay Marine Aquarium Society (KBMAS)
    Hey guys been sick with the flu :( I went to fish fanatics and got 3 new fish. I got a bi color blenny which is really cute and colorful and got a horned blenny and a watchmen gobie!! IM so excited!! Has anyone been to fish fanatics or Has anyone heard of a horned blenny?:blob::lol: