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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has started a krill or other small invert tank for the purpose of feeding live food? I have a 20 gal that I'd like to do that with so I can one, save money on food, two, have better quality nutrition for my lil guys, and 3, keep my wrasses happy. Any thoughts...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    This is how I have gone about dosing my reef aquarium with live sources of food. I've put together an approach that is suitable for my needs. Hopefully others who are reading this thread can provide additional information on their methods that I myself or others can benefit from.
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I just released him into the display tank and he is eating vigorously every day. What's nice about where I live (Taiwan) is the local people do what is called shrimp fishing. They used blocks of small frozen shrimp to catch large jumbo shrimp. There are two sizes in each block. One size for...
  4. Reef Fish
    I have a dwarf lion fish. It will only eat live (which I am fine with). But I keep running out of food because my LFS only carries about 15 ghost shrimp each week. He will eat that in 2 or even 2 1/2 days because they are so small. So I keep having to go store to store to find them. Any...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hey y'all, I just got a free 5gal tank w/light and filter from my daughter who dose'nt want it any more. I cleaned it out removed the filter from the inside and filled it with saltwater. Now my ? is should I place a seed colony of pods or use it for B/S? I'm leaning toward pods as they are...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I have an old Emperor HOB filter that works well. My question is could I use it to grow a seeded batch of copepods in it a d what would I put in it for them to grow in,(chaeto or something similar) or would there be to much flow and just wash them out? Any ideas are welcome
  7. General Reef Discussion
    can small fish (1") co-exist with larger zooplankton ? for some zooplankton species adults get up to 5mm. small fish i'm guessing would have difficulty eating them. would the babies (newly hatched) be small enough for fish fry ? once the zooplankton have reached adult size, i'd like to hope...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    So I have in the past put copepods in the display tank and in my refugium. I don't see any in the tank even at night, and I have not seen my Mandarin eating anything off the rocks for a while. I see them on the sides of the 'fuge but it doesn't seem like they are getting through the pump into...
1-8 of 30 Results