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lighting questions

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    -155G Gallon mixed reef -All corals in upper half of tank -350W 48'' LED fixture, supplemented by 2 54W T5HO lamps In the T5HO fixture I had one cheap actinic and one standard industrial lamp. I replaced the lamps one ATI coral Plus and and one ATI coral blue. The tank use to be noticably...
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    Can i replace the bulbs from my t5he fixture and just put T5HO in instead Its for a 55 g 48" Right now it has solarmax HE 2x28w 10000k daylight 2x t5 acetinic 03 8x LED moonlight I want to make my tank a reef tank but im not reallly trying to buy a new fixture. Would what i already...
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    Hey everyone i was ondering how long i should keep my light on i had a 2 bulb t5 light but now i have a 4 bulb and i dont know how lond i should keep my days light on and my actincs or should i have them both on ?
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    Well it's bulb replacement time again and since it's roughly $50 for both cf bulbs and due to heat, my safety glass on the hood has busted.....time to ditch it completely. So what should I get? This is a softy lps tank, however, I would love to go with some sps. Here are some fixtures I am...