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  1. Marine Depot
    We saved the best for last! The Twelfth Day of Fishmas
  2. Marine Depot
    Full View Aquariums: We Built 2 Nano Tanks -- WIN BOTH! Full View Aquariums: Win a Nano Reef or a Freshwater Planted Tank!
  3. Marine Depot
    Baby, It's Cold Outside! ❄ Turn up the heat with a new aquarium heater!
  4. Marine Depot
    All I want for Fishmas #1: AquaStep UV Sterilizer A UV sterilizer is definitely on our Fishmas list this year. What's on yours? > Check out Marine Depot's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide > Buy a Marine Depot Gift Certificate > Create your own Fishmas list for the holidays ↓ ... or click the image...
  5. Marine Depot
    The temperature is rising. Water quality is declining. Welcome to summer. But not your tank. Not this summer. For this is the year of the BIG SUMMER UPGRADE. We've teamed with Lifegard Aquatics to take one lucky hobbyist's aquarium to the next level! For your tank: a cool running 36" marine...
  6. Marine Depot
    We've been adding a LOT of new items to the store lately, so we thought we'd highlight a few in the lighting category today and provide a link to everything else so you can check out the latest & greatest in tank tech.
  7. Marine Depot
    Lifeguard Aquatics Ultra-Slim Blue/White LED Light 4 Sizes from $60.99 These cool-running and energy-efficient LED light fixtures provides excellent general-purpose lighting for freshwater or marine aquariums. Standard (6500K) LEDs deliver full spectrum and light intensity capable of...
1-7 of 7 Results