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  1. Tang Tag 12

    Tank tag
  2. Mix Mix

    sps lps softies
  3. Diy Stand Top Trim

    Top Trim glued test fit
  4. Anemone Pics

    Anemone Pics
  5. First Skimmate

    Reef Octopus NWB 150
  6. 40g Reef

    40g reef first week w/ live rock
  7. Farley

    One of my two clowns. The other one is camera shy!
  8. Coffins Patch

    my favorite reef. i have corals in my tank from here.
  9. Custom Tank 100 Gl

    just finish painting dinning room to bring out tank
  10. New Puppy

    New Puppy
  11. Rain Garden

    Rain Garden
  12. Img 0611

  13. General Reef Discussion
    Hello Everyone - I'm new to the world of reef aquariums and I'm looking for a little guidance. I have heard two differing opinions on what size of tank someone should start with. I have heard that it a good idea to try something like a nano tank (~25 gallons) b/c it helps you learn without...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    I bought a sea apple about three months ago and at the store it was closed up. When I got it home I thought maybe it was just ticked off or something because the tenticles looked like crap. Well I just came to accept that maybe thats just how this one was supposed to look. It stayed that way for...
  15. Tank Specs
    I have 2 20 gallon reef tanks. Tank #1: Current Satellite lighting. CPR Aquatic BakPak skimmer, CPR Aquafuge with 24w lighting...plenty of chaeto. 1 HK1 and 1 HK nano. Livestock: yellow watchman and a purple firefish. Skunk cleaner. Mostly zoanthid based. Over 40 lbs LR, 2-3 inch sand bed...
1-20 of 435 Results