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leather corals
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  1. Soft Corals and Gorgonians
    Interested in buying the following corals: Leather, elegance, torch, bubble, colt. Can anyone supply with info regarding light and watermovement requirement on these critters. MH are not readily available in our country, so fluorescents will be used. I have a 55gal with 5 x 40W tubes. Water...
  2. Tridacnid Clams/ snails/worms/stars and such
    On Friday I purchased a beautiful pink Colt Coral and two large feather dusters. I put one feather duster on one side of the tank and the other in close proximity to the Colt. Sunday morning I woke up to find that the feather duster closet to the Colt had melted into a blob of grey jelly...
221-222 of 222 Results