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  1. General classifieds
    Lifereef SVS3-36 skimmer with MagDrive 18 - used less than a year $600 will ship at buyers expense. (Will be cleaned prior to sale)
    $600 USD
  2. General Reef Discussion
    So as i do research for my current tank i find a lot of things i would like in a bigger tank, that i am planning on getting when i finish college. a little under 2 years from now. Also as a stock and make changes to this aquarium i realize that preplanning is the best way to do this right. So i...
  3. Lighting
    Don't mean to take time out of anyone's Sunday, however I have a spacing question for my lights. The tank is 72L x 24w x 30h, it's about 28" to the sand bed. However with my current canopy that is on it, from the foo of the water to the very top of the covered canopy is only 7". I'm in the...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    I just have to share...surfing Youtube and found this, color is a bit off but OMG what a tank - I know, too many tangs :cry:
  5. Large Systems
    This is our 1200 gallon saltwater aquarium. It is one system that has two tanks. The top tank is going to be a reef tank and the bottom is a ride pool type tank. Tank is about 6 months old and seems to be thriving. Any questions about the tank I will be more then happy to answer!
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Moving into a new home, time for a tank build!! 😃 Let me give you some back ground information. My name is Christian I've been in the hobby for close to 11 years now. My first tank was a 29 gallon bio-cube with PC lights. My current aquarium is a 70 gallon mixed reef aquarium with 9 ecoxotic...
  7. Reefing Equipment
    ok, so i have a 210 gallon aquarium peninsula style. going to be a room divider. whatever. ok so, would love advise on equipment and set up. i have the tank -4x48" t5 lights -8 moon lights -led lights 38 par - stand -55 gal sump/fuge (set up in 3 sections) -venturi style protien skimmer -auto...
  8. TRAC members only Tanks
    Looking for all the help I can get to get my new tank home ! 10'X43X31 tall !! and its glass !!!!! So if you willing let me know so I can start figureing out what day will be good for everyone. Thanks
  9. Large Systems
    For my first post thought i would ask for some ideas for setting up something very large. Been doing saltwater fish/reef for quite a long time but never quite broke the 150 gal range. I am in the USAF and will retire within 2 years and build a house... I have always wanted to build something...
1-9 of 9 Results