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  1. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    Very healthy, but he started goin after my clam.. so its time for him to go. $25
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hey all, Just wanted to know if anyone has had a Reef safe large Angelfish or what would be my best bet. I was looking at Reef2go and it said a Koran Angel Juvenile would be ok if it is well fed. is this true? In my tank I have Zoanthids, Leathers, SPS, Frogspawn, Pulsing Xenia.
  3. New Tank Shots

    new tank shots 9-29-11
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Just recently, probably over the last 2 days or so, ive noticed the middle portion of my adolescent koran angel getting lighter in color. It seems like its kind of fading or turning whitish. Upon a closer look, i could see the stripes in the middle part of his body vertically turning into small...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I just bought a juvenile Koran Angel about a month ago. It is about an inch and a half in length and i noticed that there is some discolouration in its head. It couldnt be becoming an adult already could it? When should i be worried about it starting to eat my corals?
  6. Cyanobacteria Pictures

    Picture of 55 tank and fuge
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I was 4 days away from completing a 6 week course of copper treatment in my QT tank when I come home to a brown tank that I can't see through. My HOB filter on my QT tank broke. Initially have 4 dead fish. I scrambled to aclimate them back into the main tank but over then next 24hours I lost...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hello! I got a very large frag of Blastomussa Merletti at my LFS today. It looked really happy up top but I am reading that its happy low or even in the sandbed. What have you guys found a suitable place for these? Direct in the light? Kinda tucked away in the shade?? Thanks for your help!
  9. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    i have two hippo tangs one my brother just gave me about a month ago the other i have had for a year or so...well my delema is the newset one is eating my waving hands already have lost a whole clump and shes working on the other one ...thing is shes just eating the hands off of them...
  10. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Well, took a family field trip to Midwest Corals this afternoon and we picked up a Six-Line wrasse. My 18 mo old just loves seeing all the fish! He could barely contain himself. Will post some pics when I get a chance. I will also get a pic sometime of my changing Koran Angel. - Matt
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Ok...few questions before I get started. 1. What do you do about clean-up crews? Most of the fish that you would have in a FO tank eat the snails and stuff, right? 2. How much flow? I was planning on 2 Hydor 4's and my sump return (1 on each end of the tank (powered by a Mag 9.5) 3. How...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I went out today and gave my flat worm and pyramid evacuation a second attempt. I bought a yellow wrasse. I watched him eat at the lfs after getting him home I acclimated him for almost 2 hrs. I released him and thats the last Ive seen of him. Its been 3 hrs so I'm a little...
  13. General Reef Discussion
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone it's been a few months since I have posted a pic. I shot a few pis and this one caught my eye. Enjoy!
  15. NIMAS- Club members only: Meeting/Selling/Trading
    Hi Everyone, Some people were asking me to post a little about my stuff since I'm new. I hail from South Bend and have been in the hobby for a couple years how. I have the rare problem that my wife pushed me to try saltwater after having a fresh tank for many years. Setup: I currently have a...
  16. NIMAS- Club members only: Meeting/Selling/Trading
    Hoping someone might be able to help me I went out of town for a bit longer than expected. Well when I got back my koran angel and anemone was missing. I have tore the tank down and could not find either. So now all I have left is live rock and a sebae clown and blue damsel. What I was hoping is...
  17. Reef Fish
    I know its not really a reef fish, but I have a Juv. Emperor angel, and I have been looking for info on roughly how long it takes for these fish to mature and change colors. I know its not an exact science and you can't say like 1yr and 3mo. or anything like that, but just wondering if anyone...
  18. Large Systems
    I have had a 180 gallon tank for a long time it was fresh water. I used it to house for pacu;s that out grow my 70 gallon show tank as the years went on I put cichlids in the tank and I started out with 10 fish that grow in to 200 fish they just would not stop breeding in the tank they loved it...
1-19 of 71 Results