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  1. Internal Holothurian

  2. Stomatella Spp

    Stomatella spp
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Now that the 46 bowfront is a reef again .... (and my whole attitude is that everything is all new so lets do it right) I was thinking about analyzing everyday things too. So ... I have a 46 bowfront, bare-cutting board bottom, drilled, with a rubbermaid sump 70' away down in the basement...
  4. TCMAS
    I just moved this tank in and have some water questions. First off, here are the tests I did: NO2 - 0 NH3 - 0 ph - 8.5ish no3 - 20 did a 10gal water change and brought this down from 30 kH - 19drops off my chart I think around 330ppm CA2 - 320 I am using Instant Ocean salt What is an acceptable...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I have been using a Kent Turbo Calcium along with super buffer dkh and recently tried using Kent Marine's two part alk and CA buffer. With either of these calcium and alkalinity supplements. I still cannont consistantly get my Calcium levels past aroudn 350 however. I am thinking of switching to...
  6. BTA

  7. pH

    my pH dropped to 7.7 overnight, it read 8.4 last night when i went to be (measured on the reefkeeper 2) any idea why this would be? should i just use Super dkH to bring it back up?? any clues??? HELP!!!
  8. Massachusetts North Shore Marine and Reef Club
    I volunteer to be the in house Chemist. I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry and I taught freshman chemistry in college before. If you have any chemistry related question, please feel free to ask.
  9. TCMAS
    Trying to get my consumption rates down. Also, seeing what everyone who has a SPS dominated reef keeps there Alk. at? Water as of now. mag 1200 cal. 420- drops to about 360 every 24hrs. alk. 3.5 meq/l. Yesterday it was at 4.5 meq/l. So it looks like I'm using about 1.0 a day with kalk...
  10. TCMAS
    i'm gonna get a kent doser and start dripping kalk tomorrow, anyone have any pointers for this? i heard that it can be deadly fast!
  11. TCMAS
    I am thinking that I am going to have to get a calcium reactor before two long and thought I would start getting some feedback on different brands and sizes My system is a 75g mixed reef with about 12 small (1-2") sps frags. Currently I am dripping kalk mixed with vinegar to keep my ca at...
  12. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    i drip kalk everyday, but my calcium is still low around 340 and also alkalinity. i dont know what to do. pls. help
  13. General Reef Discussion
    55 Gal. reef up for 12 weeks, 55 lbs live rock 3.5 inch deep sand bed with plennum, lighted sump, skimmer. 2 clowns, lawn mower blenny, banded coral shrimp, cleanup crew consisting of 2 brittle stars bunch of crabs some snails 1 small queen conch some red hawaian algae and mex. calerpa. No...
  14. TCMAS
    I'm going to be using this as calcium supplimentation instead of the Turbo Calcium (information from Reef Central Chemistry Forum) I can't find it at Home Depot, haven't checked other places, but wondered if anyone may know off hand where I can get some locally.
  15. Clams
    Whatcha think? It's a little retracted since I'd just switched off the actinics for the pic, but is otherwise doing great! He's maybe 12" below a four tube tek t5 setup and went in late yesterday. Took me several days with the CA and Mg test kits and Kent Turbo Calcium plus Tech-m to get CA...
  16. TCMAS Members only
    NEW STUFF Sunlight Supply MH Mogul Socket Assembly w/ Pigtail Strain Relief - Retail $27.95 - Sale Price $18.00 - 2 Available My Reef Creations MR1 Protein Skimmer - Retail $250 + shipping - Sale Price $175 - 3 Available My Reef Creations MR1 Protein Skimmer w/ Quick Release - Retail $290 +...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    hello, my name is steven(incase you didn't see it to the left) and I have a 90 gal reef tank with 45 gal sump system. there is right around 100 gals of total water in the system after all the rock and sand. anyway I have been having trouble keeping my Cal up in the system. it stays around 300 to...
  18. TCMAS
    Anyone in the club know where in the citites you can get Dowflake or Peladow for making your own Calcium Supplement? I remember Derek might have made this at one time or still does, not sure? Any help would be appreciated.... Troy
  19. General Reef Discussion
    i have been trying to raise my calcium with kent turbo calcium and it is just hovering in same spot. it is a 75 gallon tank with 20 gallon sump. the alk is around 8.5 and calcium is around 325 or so. kent turbo calcium says to add 1/8th to 1/4th teaspoon per 50 gallons.. i doubled it to a half...
1-20 of 49 Results