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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I have high phosphate so I added kent marine phosphate sponge last night, I awoke this morning to a dead fish. I have 2 clowns, and had 4 blue green chromis, the smallest of the chromis died and I don't know if the phosphate sponge caused it. What are your thoughts
  2. Marine Depot
    Don't miss out! Coupons ending 9/30 20% Off AquaticLife 48" T5 HO Light Fixture w/ 4 Lunar LEDs Use coupon code 48T5HOLEDS 25% Off Continuum Aquatics Bio-Viv HUFA, Bio-Viv Garlic and Micro Blast Food Use coupon code BIOVIV25OFF 25% Off Select Kent Marine Supplements and Food Use...
  3. Member Classifieds
    I have a RO-DI Kent marine Hi-S Maxxima dual tds meter & psi gauge for sale. This is one of the best ro-di units you can buy, and it includes a dual tis meter as well as a psi gauge. Also included with the ro-di unit is a replacement for the 1st cartridge, as well as a canister removal tool and...
  4. Marine Depot
    Kent Marine Phytoplex Phytoplankton provides necessary proteins, carbohydrates and lipids for hard & soft corals, tube worms, clams and other invertebrates-and it's 40% till Sunday @ midnight! Highlights Kent Phytoplex is a highly concentrated complex of aqua cultured, naturally occurring...
  5. 100 Gallon Fts

    60 inch acrylic
  6. In Progress Stand

    Stand and Canopy Build
  7. My Dog Leo

    German Shepherd mix
  8. Detritus In Settling Tank

    with flash to see down the pipe.
  9. Just A Taste !!!

    Aussie hammer that's really happy!
  10. Nano Reefs
    Hi Guy's, Right I wanted to start a thread on my Kent Marine Bio Reef LED aquarium. I've done a couple of other threads relating to teething problems and stocking help. I think I partly want to set this up for my own reference :D A bit of background In about Sseptember 2011 I decided to take...
  11. Is This A Feather Duster?

    Found this in my tank one day, its about 3/8 of an inch tall and 1/2 inch round. It retracts into the tube occasionally.
  12. SPS Coral Forum
    Any coral solutions for Kent bio reef I'm a beginner and I am just wondering. Also water care do they need?:banana:
  13. Eggs

1-20 of 500 Results