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  1. Lighting
    not to long ago i put up about the 65 i am in the process of getting. the tank is 36 7/8"x 19"x24 5/8". it has a center brace so here it goes. i plan to do the whole reef deal as money permits, but the problem is, lighting. since my old tank was a 40 breeder, i got the aquatic life 6x39watt t5...
  2. Lighting
    Thinking to eventually do a nano with some sps, clams, lps of small varieties, mushrooms, xenia..all that then a 5g frag tank to frag all said corals. sps will be the last added item. but any way, what would be a good clamp on MH light? i have a custom PC hood im going to mod to fit the MH...
1-2 of 2 Results