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  1. Stand And Canopy

    Stand and Canopy
  2. Screen Top

    Screen Top for tank. Aluminium Window frame, plastic Garden fencing.
  3. Nano Reefs
    ok well i have been with FW tanks for a while now about 6 years. I am starting to get bored of it and have been very sucessful. So i am thinking of settig up a SMALL SW tank...around 2-3g just to start. I know that they are harder to maintain and everything but i am very passionate when it comes...
  4. Nano Reefs
    Hello I was looking at 2 different types of "ready" nano 12 gallon tanks both look good. My main concern is not the light but the filtration and overall quality . Its a gift for my brother in law and I am not into the smaller tanks thus not up on them much. Will house a pair of the small clown...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    im PO'd :censor: fedex home delivery never showed up yesterday. i called and called because it said "on fedex vehicle for delivery" delivery date oct 21 i must have called 6 times, each time they told me "it will be there by the end of the night" they actually told me it can be delivered up...
  6. Nano Reefs
    Can someone tell me everything that is needed to start a good, but cheap Nano Reef? This is using a 24-gallon Aquapod by Current. If you don't have the time or don't feel like makeing a complete list... please just add some stuff and I'll compile it together later. Thanks!!! Mike:beer:
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I think it would be interesting to hear about the funniest and/or most horrible mistakes we all have had. Ok...Ill go first. Not knowing anything about featherdusters i ordered my first one about 5 weeks ago or so. It was a big yellow one. When it arrived, the worm was out of its tube and...
  8. Atlanta Reef Club
    I am entering the TRT nano buildoff and I need a few pointers. I plan to take apart my Coralife 130W PC fixture and mount it in the hood. I also want to add a 150W DE MH but am at a loss as to which one is 'best'. This is going on a 20g tall and the MH will probably only be on for 3-4 hours a...
  9. Nano Reefs
    Looking to start a either a Nano Cube 12 or 24 or a Marineland 12 gal...I'm a beginner at saltwater and could use the feedback? Anyone? Thanks, have a great week! ~AJ
  10. Nano Reefs
    I have a new 6 gal. with 18w coralife on it. I want to upgrade lighting and found a 48w and 72w retro at Is 48w enough? Is 72w too much and too hot? The biggest light item that I want to have is possibly an anemone. Would both of these work for that? I'm not looking to get...
  11. Nano Reefs
    I've been lurking over at and they're doing a nano reef tank build-off. One of their main rules is that the 'system' can be no more than 20 gallons. Anything under that is fair game. (There's other rules as well, but that's just one of the major ones) I would like to start a build...
  12. Nano Reefs
    I would just like to hear what people are puttin in the back of their jbj nano cubes (sump). I have put some live rock b/c i hear it helps better than the bio-balls and ceramic rings. Any other suggestions.
  13. Nano Reefs
    hi i am new to salt and would like to know what you all think i should of put in this tank ? the tank has been up for a little over a month and there are 2 corals which i dont know there names if you know tell me 1 cleaner shrimp and 22lb of live rock i would like to put in a clown but other...
1-14 of 15 Results