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    How to view regular (Not black and white) format of TRT on iPhone and Android: On Galaxy S5 (and most androids), go to Click the 3 dot menu bar next to the URL, and scroll down. There is a box that says "Request Desktop Site". Check that box and you'll be good! (Credit to...
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    Okay, new problem: What is the easiest way to upload a picture from your iPhone into a post? I have tried going to the "gallery' tab and uploading it there. I have tried going to the top of the page in the thread and clicking on the 'post reply" button--- tried attaching the image as a file...
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    Howdy, folks- My name is Winfield, and I'm the guy who keeps the server alive and fixes stuff when it needs fixing. Recently, some of you have been seeing some strange ads around here which break usability on your iOS devices (iPads in particular, but also iPhones and iPod Touch.) and that's...
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    A iPhone app would be awesome!
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Just wanted to introduce myself, I am the creator of aquaPlanner. An iOS app for us aquarists. Happy Thanksgiving
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Just wondering if there are any good fish or reef iPhone apps out there. Particularly one for fish and/or inverts with a summary about the fish it's habbits what it eats and its comparability so I can look fish up while at the LFS. Also any other good apps anyone uses. Thanks!
  7. Margaritaville
    I don't know how many of you have iPhones or other "SMART" phones, but but if you do, AND THEY AUTO-CORRECT, THIS IS FOR YOU: http://**** (use your imagination, what 4-letter word would the sensor blot out? rhymes with "dam" and you'll have to retype it...
  8. NFMAS chat
    Hope y'all don't mind my posting this here. I'm sending out this plug for my very first iPhone/iPod Touch app... in the hopes that people will spread the word.. as most iPhone apps do their best advertising by word of mouth. So what is my iPhone App called.. and what does it do.. you are...