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    Hope sombody can help with annoying tech issue... For some reason i have to log in everytime i use the site on my ipad (even if i leave it an hour and come back, without closing the page). This only happens on the ipad, when i open the site from my laptop it always remembers me. Have i got...
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    Howdy, folks- My name is Winfield, and I'm the guy who keeps the server alive and fixes stuff when it needs fixing. Recently, some of you have been seeing some strange ads around here which break usability on your iOS devices (iPads in particular, but also iPhones and iPod Touch.) and that's...
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    Hey guys. I've been experiencing a couple issues with my iPad on TRT solely. I have not attempted on another V Bulletin forum I belong to yet hadn't even thought about that till I opened this new thread, but here it goes. I am worried that this banner thing could be capturing key strokes...
  4. Photography Forum
    Hi, I've got an ipad3 and I want to upload pics to the gallery! How do I do it, whenever I try to attach an image or put on in the gallery my "choose file" button is always grey'ed out. Any ipad users have a trick? I really hate having to synch / upload to my pc just to post pics. Thanks!!!
  5. General Reef Discussion
    How do I load pictures from my iPad on to my profile???
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Just wanted to introduce myself, I am the creator of aquaPlanner. An iOS app for us aquarists. Happy Thanksgiving
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Just wondering if there are any good fish or reef iPhone apps out there. Particularly one for fish and/or inverts with a summary about the fish it's habbits what it eats and its comparability so I can look fish up while at the LFS. Also any other good apps anyone uses. Thanks!
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    Anyone having problems with their iPad when surfing TRT? For instance, many of the pop up links don't work for me. Like when I am on the Today's Post page, when I ckick on the Search menu, the text entry box does not display, so I can't search.