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  1. Tank Stuff

    black stomatella (how many pics did i take of this thing?)
  2. Tank Stuff

    my blue shrooms. i missed having these when i sold my old tank, i am so glad to have gotten more of them again!
  3. Tank Stuff

    urchin who stole some of my red-skirt zoas
  4. Tank Stuff

    my blue/purple ricordea finally a more accurate pic of the color!
  5. Tank Stuff

    another pic of the black stomatella
  6. Tank Stuff

    large black stomatella?
  7. Tank Stuff

    watermelon shrooms
  8. Tank Stuff

    GSP and red-skirted blue center zoas
  9. Tank Stuff

    briareum... less green than GSP... also called PSP (pink star polyp)
  10. Tank Stuff

  11. Tank Stuff

    green and purple shroom mixed rock, with snail accents
  12. Tank Stuff

    Irish Eye
  13. Tank Stuff

    common shrooms
  14. Tank Stuff

  15. Tank Stuff.

    big buttons
  16. Tank Stuff.

    leopard spotted zoanthids Jakarta
  17. Tank Stuff.

    green spotted shrooms
  18. Tank Stuff.

    more greenish zoanthids
  19. Tank Stuff.

    candy cane
  20. Tank Stuff

    flower leather
1-20 of 43 Results