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  1. General classifieds
    For sale is my brand 20 gallon long aquarium. It comes with a nice wood cabinet stand, 30lbs of reefcleaners premium dry reef rock, and a hydor koralia nano 425 powerhead (new in box). Everything is brand new, I'm just moving and starting school soon. $100 or make an offer, I want it gone...
  2. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    I use 2 of these in a 36 Gallon tank. I am starting to wander if it is to much flow all around my tank. Any Suggestions? Or if it enough. Point them at each other?
  3. Marine Depot
    There's still time for delivery by Christmas! Sale ends 1/5/14 A new batch of aquarium goodies just went on sale (121 total so far) and there's still time to have your order delivered before the big day! Don't forget-our 10% off all filter media sale ends tonight @ midnight. Stock up and save!
  4. Marine Depot
    Hydor Koralia Nano and Evolution Powerheads are all 20% off until midnight, no coupon required!
  5. Marine Depot
    Hydor Koralia Nano and Evolution Powerheads are all 20% off for the next 48 hours, no coupon required! Hydor Koralias are our best-selling powerheads by a long shot. Just about every hobbyist on our staff uses one or has at some point or another. How about you?!
  6. Marine Depot
    If you're shopping for a new powerhead, RO/DI filter or test kit, check out today's list of sale items... we've got 100 products on sale!!! >> SHOW ME THE DEALS << MORE MARINE DEPOT NEWS Fed up with carrying buckets? Try an auto top-off system! Win a Tunze Nano DOC Protein Skimmer 9002...
  7. Marine Depot
    30% off Koralia Powerheads Sale ends midnight 3/26/14 MORE MARINE DEPOT NEWS Which Clean-up Crew Critters Should You Have in your Reef Tank? Coral Frenzy Reef Pellets: The ULTIMATE coral food now in pellet form A Beginner's Guide to Pico Reefs The real deal about eels: feeding, care and...
  8. Reefing Equipment
    im going to my lfs today and getting a powerhead. Should i go with the 425 or 850 hydor koralia for my 30 long? The guy at my lfs recommended a aqueon but im a little skeptical.
  9. Reefing Equipment
    Will the hydor koralia nano 425 gph be too much, to little or just right for a 30 gallon long?
  10. General classifieds
    I have an extra Koralia nano 425gph powerhead. Used for less than two months. 15$ takes it. Will ship if needed.
  11. Marine Depot
    Hydor Koralia Nano Powerheads, available with flow rates of 240 or 425 gallon per hour, are 30% off until midnight tonight, no coupon required!
  12. Marine Depot
    Instantly improve the water circulation in your reef aquarium using a powerful Hydor Koralia Evolution powerhead! We are giving away a Koralia Evolution that pushes 850 gallons of water per hour through your aquascape using a mere 4.5 watts. Want better flow? ENTER NOW. Registration ENDS at...
  13. Reefing Equipment
    The title pretty much says it all, when I turn my powerheads back on after spot feeding my corals sometimes my powerheads run in reverse and I keep having to turn them on and off several times to get them going the correct way. It was a good reminder to clean them as all sorts of garbage came...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Will 2 Hydor Koralia Nano 425 be too much water flow for my clownfish in a 20 gallon long?
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I was looking to get a new power head for my 20gallon long and was wounding if one Hydor Koralia Nano 425 would be enough or if i should get 2 or get a 425 and a 240?
  16. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    Anyone know for sure if there's any difference in the size of replacement propellers between the original Hydor Koralia 1 - 4's, besides the size of the fins on the propellers? I have 2 of the Hydor Koralia 2's and would like to modify them with the 3's or 4's propeller, to get more...
  17. Nano Reefs
    :lookaround:Hey guys, under the reccomendations of alot of threads for nanos here, I got a hydor koralia nano pump the smaller one( 240 gph I think), and its working fine and all, just I'm not sure if my corals like it =/ maybe the placement of it? I have it pointing more upwards to keep the...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    I have had freshwater for many years and i'm working on my first saltwater project. I am looking to make a nano reef with live rock, a few fish, some soft corals and polyps, and maybe one or two inverts. I have the tank, skimmer, heater, sand, and lights, and i'm currently working on...
  19. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    EuroReef RS80: About 9 months old. Excellent shape: $120.00 PFO Pendant w/ SE XM 250w & (2)28watt PC actinics. Setup was purchased new 9 months ago and the bulbs have 9 months or so on them: $175.00...
1-19 of 154 Results