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  1. Lighting
    Hi, Im a newbie starting a new 220G set up with all hand me down parts that are unidentifiable or discontinued etc. Im trying to figure out what I have and what needs replacing. I have an old Coralife 6 foot fixture with 4 33.5 inch 96w square pin power compact bulbs. (the one still working is...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hi! I have a Wavepoint High Output (HO) T5 System and was wondering what my options were for coral. I wasn't sure if my options were limited because of my lighting or not. I have a 40 gallon tank which is 18 in high. The lighting is 156 watts (4x39)-2 sun wave and 2 blue wave. Thanks for the...
  3. Lighting
    So, as our name states, we are broke college students with an unfortunate obsession with this expensive hobby. We're relatively new to it... Lots of experience with fresh/brackish water aquariums, but this is obviously a lot different. Anyhoo... New tank. It's been running since July and it's...
  4. Lighting
    Ok i'm gonna be upgrading to a 75 gallon tank its gonna be 60"Long and 16"tall and 18" front to back, i wanted to get an idea of what t5ho fixture comes in 60" lengths and if i should get a 4 bulb or 6 bulb unit.
  5. Lighting
    I switched up the lights on my tank, but I am concerned that I may be over doing the blue and not enough other colors. I have had two clams in my tank for about 1 year... one survives (and appears to be doing well) at the bottom (or near bottom). I probably upped my PAR quite a bit with the...
  6. Lighting
    Im very new to keeping a saltwater tank and I was just wondering what type of corals I could keep in my tank? I have a Coralife T5 HO fixture with (1) 31watt 10,000K bulb and (1) 31 watt Actinic bulb. From the light to the sand bed is about 12 1/2 inches. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    When I am reading about different corals and anemones it will say that they need low light, medium light, low to moderate light or moderate to high light, things like that. Unfortunately, that does not tell me enough. A month ago I thought that the Reef Sun 50/50 bulbs that I have on my tank...
  8. Lighting
    I may not be getting as nice of a light as I thought I was. What types of T5HO lighting would you recommend for a 72 bowfront... for under $200? I want to have more corals in the tank in the future, so obviously something that will support them.
1-8 of 8 Results