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    Been awhile since I was on how is everyone? Hope everyone's tanks are d:beer:oing great!
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    As some of you may know, I am in the works of setting up a new 40 gal breeder w/ a 37 tall sump. I am a lil rusty on the whole biz of the salt world so of course I have a few questions for you all… This whole tank will be set up slowly due to my first child (a girl) is due on<?xml:namespace...
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    very nice only 1 month very well i just found a deal i couldnt pass up on a t5 fixture so i will be selling this for 90 dollars...i got it for 130..bulbs are still great..2 lunar lights..indivisual power cords to set all up on timers...let me know
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    have a couple pounds of live rock..i have 2 much..will either give away or extremely cheap.its not very much so i doubt if any one will even want it but i have tooo much in my tank now! so let me know