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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello, Thanks for the add. I have 2 tanks-one 20 gallon freshwater and one 45 gallon saltwater jbj 45. I tried to add photos, but apparently I'm gonna have to join a samsung forum to learn how to operate my phone to meet the size requirements. :) The reason I joined this forum is to gain...
  2. Clams
    So I got my first clam yesterday and I just want to make sure he looks ok. Well technically its not my FIRST clam, but my very first clam got eaten by a big hermit crab after a few months or so. That was 2 years ago and I was new to reefing so this is like starting over. In my opinion he looks...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Just bought this toadstool leather a couple of days ago. As you can see he looks sad. Is this normal?
  4. Anemones
    Hello guys, I bought a small size BT anemone yesterday and he moved to the back of the tank during night, now the lights are on and he stills back there where theres not that much light, I know they move around the first week but I also know that they need light. So my question is if the anemone...
  5. Anemones
    Hi guys. I am just worried. I fed him yesterday, and he moved a wee bit last night when the lights turned off. I dont think he is as puffed up when I first got him, or what he looked like in the store. I don't know if it is just me being paranoid or freaked out. Just let me know. Should I...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Title says it all
  7. Anemones
    Hi, today morning I woke up and I saw my anemone turned its back the glass and its sort of closed...I just want to make sure its doing ok. I have two slow fishes, one of them doesn't go by the anemone but the second one that I bought a week ago, constantly goes near the anemone. here is a...
  8. Anemones
    I just started keeping nems and was wondering if he looked healthy. I've had him about a week now.
  9. Anemones
    Good morning TRT!!! Quick question about a sebae anemone. I purchased a sebae about 2-3 weeks ago and it attached itself to a piece of live rock. Well since then it has unattached itself and has found another spot just resting on the sand between another piece of live rock and the glass. It is...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hey, anybody buy from Is their stuff healthy?
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Hey gang. I've had an LTA for about 2 weeks now and I'd say I believe he's doing good. In my RSM 250 there is alot of flow. I've tried to move him around where there isn't alot of flow as he seems to get bigger before my very eyes when there is less flow hitting him. This morning I noticed...
  12. Nano Reefs
    I just got a biocube and all i have in it is 4 damsels and the water this is all the fish store suggested I need to cycle my tank is this normal? I have all the appropriate equip to test the water. i plan on doing 10% water change once a week. And adding distilled water as needed. How often...
1-13 of 13 Results