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green clown
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  1. Tank Specs
    Alright so I should lay out what we got instead of just harassing people. There's the 75 gallon, about 15g sump. Well, it's not really a sump I guess, just a fuge with a place to put the skimmer. The 75 has about 100 lbs of LR (about...), corner drilled to the under stand fuge. The fuge is...
  2. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    Hello everyone! I'm not sure who's around from when I was last here (about 4 years ago), but I'm just recently done serving in the Army and now I'm back in Portland. My parents managed to keep the little 20H reef going while I was gone so when I get settled and set up my 90 again I'll have a...
  3. The THINK Tank
    I'm doing an experiment and thought I would see what y'all thought. We know that clown fish cross breed in the wild. It is a rare event, so we have no way of knowing the extent to which this occurs. We don't know what species combinations are capable of producing offspring. There are a...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    I just got some new additions to my tanks, and I wanted to see if anyone had any bad experience with any of these being together. Everyone I have spoken too so far has said they "should" be fine, but just wanted to get more input. 1st tank - 6-line wrasse, red spotted Aussie Blenny, 2 paired...
  5. Margaritaville
    Well here i am headed off to the jobsite. GoodDay to all you sleepie heads ! Since i did not realy sleep well last night sleep some for me!
  6. Reef Fish
    ... that you have ever given a fish of yours? Cmon, you know a lot of us do it - we think of stupid names like Nemo for our clown. Here I'd love to see people list the kind of fish, and their given name (plus any relevant story as to how the said fish acquired the name). In college I had a...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I had it bagged and ready to take home today and then I asked (by chance) if it was possible that my hermits could get it....and she said YES. SO I left it for another lucky reefer.
  8. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Some new pics... (Updated 3/16/08) Gorgeous Yuma frag from Rob: This is what Jester does all day: Nothing! Another great frag from Rob's! Oscar, our YWG: Norbie & Betty, our False Percs:
  9. Reef Fish
    I just started a build for an 8g nano. it's just about completed it's cycle and i will soon be able to start adding corals and inverts. I'm begining to brainstorm what kind fish to put in it. I'm in no hurry to add a fish, in fact i won't be able to for a while because we are currently...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I just joined and introduced myself about a two weeks ago and now I am starting to put together my tank. I just picked up my 75gal AGA RR tank from my LFS. The stand was also bought from them. I got the glass 30gal aquarium sump used from a friend. I have 50 pounds of base rock cooking right now...
  11. SPS Coral Forum
    I was wondering if clown gobies eat sps polyps I have recently purchased a pink milli colony and got a free clown goby that wouldn't come out. I have just visited a site that says they do, but have heard they dont on Michigan Reefers wondering what people on here have to say. Thanks in advance
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Okay, here I go with yet another plan for the 150. Some of you may remeber the first set up in my last house on the custom oak stand. The when we moved into this house the first thing I did was rip out the wall between the living room and garage to do the built in routine with a wet room behind...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I witnessed with my own eyes. I was wondering why my baby angler was on top of my green acro. Then I quickly realized that my green goby was in there, but not for long. The angler grabbed the goby, both are about 2-3 inches. The goby took the angler to the surface then the anger gained the upper...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    heres my list of fish i wish to put towards my 40breeder, tek5 6 bulb euroreef 80 10gallon fuge, 15 gallon sump. NOW ALL OF THESE WONT GO INTO THE TANK SOME WILL. False Ocellaris Clown Spotted Cardinal Six line Wrasse Rainford's Goby Firefish Goby Green Clown Goby Splendid Dottyback Blue...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I keep getting this brownish orange algae on my sand is there anything that will get rid of it??
1-20 of 141 Results