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green candy coral
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    I am breaking down my tank over the next month and I have lots of stuff to sell! All of this stuff has been in my tank at least 1 year. I will be working to get photos soon. Local pickup only. PM me if you are interested in any of the following: green candy coral Finger Leather green...
  2. Atlanta Reef Club
    Howdy! I'm new to this site -- my hubby and I have been very active on the ReefCentral site since we began our SW adventure last August. Thank you pamsreef for introducing us to this one! :D Our 135g reef tank has been up and running since February, so we don't have a lot in it yet, but you can...
  3. Atlanta Reef Club
    Hi, It's Friday afternoon and I just got home from CBA. They have 100+ Acros of all kinds/colors. Some Aquacultured and some Wild. I would definately take a look. Great selection. :beer: Beat the Crowd for the best stuff! Happy Reefing! Pam
  4. Atlanta Reef Club
    Hi Yall. I am currently completing a newsletter to be emailed to our members. I figured a good place to put any tank pictures would be in the newsletter, so if anyone has a good shots of their tanks to be considered for Members Tank of the Quarter. Basically any decent photo of the tank, a...
  5. Tank Specs
    The first is a 72G bow almost 7yrs old Dec 2001 Lighting 3 x 55w PC and 1 40w 03 NO Plenium and larg refugium with DSB no skimmer 80lbs of LR bottom aragonite Yellow Polyps Colt Blassmussa Green stripe shrooms Xenia Yellow fire coral Ricordia shrooms Green polyps Green star polyps Button polyps...
  6. Tank Specs
    95 gallon acrylic with internal sump/wet-dry --2-175W 12000K sunburst metal halide --2-40W 03 actinic --60 lbs live sand --20 lbs crushed coral (underneath) --90 lbs of fiji live rock --40 lbs of limestone baserock 10 hr photoperiod --10 hr actinic period --7 hr centered metal halide period...
1-10 of 10 Results