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green button polyp
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  1. NFMAS Members only
    Hey everyone, My 72 gallon bit the dust last night!!! Everything is in big garbage cans. I am at work so I wont be able to check this till I get home around 5 or 6 tonight. Everything will have to go by this weekend. Don't know how long fish and such will last in buckets. I posted...
  2. Margaritaville
    Morning everyone. I am going to bed now :) Well, maybe.
  3. Atlanta Reef Club
    Moving sale. Tank is located in Alpharetta at Windward. Best offer for the entire thing... However, here are the components: Oceanic 200 gallon tank with stand: 7' x 2' x 2' 65 gallon custom refugium Coralife Venturi Skimmer w/ pump TLF Phosban reactor w/ RowaPhos 300# or more Fiji live rocks...
  4. NIMAS- Club members only: Meeting/Selling/Trading
    I have a rock, about 1-2 lbs, a little larger than a softball, about grapefruit size, with about 20% Zoa coverage. Pictured below. $10 or maybe a trade, depending on what it is. Thanks!
  5. "Soft" corals
    Long time no see... hope everyone is doing well. I have a 12g NC that's been going strong for about 8 months now. I currently have: -lots of green and red mushrooms -lots of xenia -1 maroon clown -1 twin spot blenny -1 scooter blenny -6 reef hermits -1 sand sifter starfish -1 fuzzy hat urchin...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I'm setting up a 90g tank, and I'd love to have a tank dominated by zoanthids... Show me some pics of your zoo-dominated tank!
  7. Nano Reefs
    Happy Good Friday everyone, I currently have a 12g JBJ NanoCube with no fish. The "residents" are listed below. I want to know what and how often should I feed the tank? All the water specs are fine, so I don't want to create too much waste in the tank by overfeeding. And yet... I don't want...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    So first the bad, just noticed this tonight (just when I thought all my hitchhikers were good), this is aiptasia isn't it? What should I do, the tank has only been running 3 days? :doh: If it is its not all bad, I got a purple zoanthid, a bunch of feather duster worms (I have IDed a couple...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Anyone know why Koran Angels are listed in some mail orders as expert only- I have had mine for going on 3 years he seems to be as hardy of a fish as I have ever had
  10. Massachusetts North Shore Marine and Reef Club
    Well some of my corals are getting way out of hand. I need some advice on fragging different sorts of corals. Here is what I will be fragging: -Frogspawn -Pink Colt -Pink Finger Leather -Candy Cane -Small Tree Leather that came with my zoos What is the best way to frag those corals. For the...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    These two pics are part of a small colony of zoos I split up. The first pic is of the zoos still under pc's. The second pic is the other half under T5's. It's crazy how different the skirts look. Just thought I'd share.
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I haven't seen anything related to this idea, but then my search skills tend to be lacking. Let me explain the situation, and then ask the question. I have a 55 gallon reef tank. All water condition parameters have been excellent for over a year, and except for a little weird algae in my...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I have some zoos, and xenias. I am wondering if I need to feed them. I haven't yet and maybe that is why some of them have wasted away. If so what and how do I feed them. Do I shut off all the flow?
  14. Massachusetts North Shore Marine and Reef Club
    I think my Pygmy finally found a taste for corals. I have had him for 2 months now and i think he is eating my GSP. Also caught him doing a quick nibble on my cabbage leather and green button polyps. This is the first time i have seen it happen. You think it will now be a everyday thing, even...
  15. Tank Specs
    Here is my new tank. It is a custom 65gallon oceanic tank. It measures 48x15x21 making it 65.5gallons actual. Contents so far are as follows: 40lbs fine to medium live sand 38lbs LR (45lbs more is curing as we speak) AC110 setup as refugium with 2lbs rubble and Cheato Algea Penguin 200...
  16. Massachusetts North Shore Marine and Reef Club
    Ok well i have never fragged anything before and could use a little help. I have some polyps that i would like to frag. I have some nice orange button polyps in between my candy cane coral that i would like to frag so i can display them out in the open and hopefully get them growing nicely. I...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Can anyone please tell me if these ugly brown zoo/button polyps are good or bad. They came as hitchhikers and are multiplying like crazy. I just read the new Coral mag and it has an article about zoos that will blow your mind.
1-20 of 103 Results