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green bubble tip anemone

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    Hi everyone so I purchased a rather large Green Bubble Tip Anemone about 5 days ago. On the first day it moved around to find a spot. On the second day it seems to have found its spot and has stayed there the past four days. On the second day it opened up fully and beautifully, however the past...
  2. Anemones
    So when I first bought my green bta it was all green and bubbly and then after a few weeks it started to get brown and now there are no bubbles at all. I have a clarki clown hosting it atm. Anyone know what would cause this? Your fellow reefer, Nathan
  3. General Reef Discussion
    whats up all, ive just recently purchased a green bubble tip anemone, i've had him in my 29 gallon tank for 5 days and every morning i wake up he is either upside down on the substrate or sticking to the top of the glass all the way up the tank. He is in good health, and im sure he is still just...
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    When I originally got my anemone, it was bleeched, but still had its bubbles. You can see the post here. Someone said it was a GBTA. Is that in fact what I have, or something else? It has grown...
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    Since I created my account in TRT, I always have posted asking questions. But for the first time, I am sharing some good news. :blob::blob:... I have two tank raised ocellaris clowns. Three days back I have purchased a green bubble tip anemone and now after three days my female clown is hosting...
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    Is this normal for a BTA? I have a long tenacle in my big tank and this is my first BTA in my 29BC, but my long tentacle has never looked like this that i have noticed. Is it digesting or something?
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    So if the bta is bubbled does that mean its doing good or is it better for it to have its tentacles extended??
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    I just got a green bubble tip anemone & it decides to go to the place I didn't want it to go, which is a small rock with 4 corals on it. It's pretty close to the corals (ricordea, toadstool) on the other side there is a Kenya tree. Should I leave it or move it? I can't really move the rock with...
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    So I've had my bta for over a month now and its still looks a bad as when I got it. It was a little bleached and basically has not tentacles, just little nubs. It moved to a spot the first day and is still there in the shade. Cant get a good pic but is there something I can do. It wont eat...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    so i put my GBTA in the tank a few days ago and he opens up nice but he is hiding under a little ledge in the middle front of my tank and extending his arms out underneath. at first i thought the lights were too intense but its only 4x39watt t5ho. whats up?
  11. Anemones
    Help with GBTA he stared moving 2 days ago Now hes upside down in the rock work looks like he moving out slowly, (I) wan't to help, but not sure if i should. B4 this, he was in same spot on the Rock where I put him (for)about 3 weeks. The tank is a 40g with few kena trees, button polyps, (a)...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I've had my GBTA for a lil over a week .. the first night i had him he moved and found a happy little spot. He has looked great since then....if not even better from the store. I swear he's even grown already. Anyways.. today is the first time I've seen him all scrunched up.. I know they do...