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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone! I am still pretty new to this hobby, but am starting to get more and more comfortable with the care of corals (although I had a scare with a pooping torch coral). I have started becoming more and more interested in goniopora along the line as well. They are rather infamous...
  2. LPS Coral Forum
    I got a small goniopora that looked terrific in my LFS's tank. Brought it home and it just doesn't seem happy. At the LFS the polyps were fully extended at about 1.5-2". Since I've had it in my tank the polyps extend maybe 1/4-1/2" and then fully retract again. Most of the time the polyps are...
  3. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    My Goni retracted today and I notices a spot on him that was discolored. It has little hair like appendages coming out from it that retract when touched. Any idea whats going on?
  4. LPS Coral Forum
    Evening fellow reefers. I'd like to start by telling you a little about my large Goniopora. Roughly about six months ago, I was wandering around my LFS and an amazing Goniopora caught my eye. I did some research there on the spot and quickly learned that this coral is pretty difficult to keep...
  5. LPS Coral Forum
    I got a new Goniopora today and just placed into my tank and saw an odd invert poking in and out of the coral. I cant see anything other than what appear to be bristles of different sizes. I don't think it's a feather duster worm as other related questions hinted to, there aren't enough bristles...
  6. LPS Coral Forum
    Hello. I got red goniopora some time ago and I can not find a place for it where it would feel at home. It does not extend polyps much no matter where I place it. I have a green goniopora in the tank since about 2 years ago and it is fine, shows very nice polyp extension and it is even growing...
  7. LPS Coral Forum
    I am planning to head to a LFS that is a bit far from me tomorrow to check out the Aussie EC they have in stock. But as I was looking online I came upon this goniopora. Now I am debating if I want this instead since its a WYSIWYG kind of thing. What do you all think? Here is a pic:
  8. Member Classifieds
    I've got a pink with purple tips goniopora, nice big piece. Local pickup is better if you don't mind paying $30 for shipping, Columbus, OH. $75
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Today I purchased a red goniopora coral and yes I know all the typical challenges with them as I already have one in my tank that has tripled in size. The one I purchased seems extremely healthy and I have already dipped it and added it to the tank. The coral is open (not fully) already and it's...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys. So I decided to take the challenge of trying to mend back a piece of goniopora my LFS has been trying to sell for some time. They told me they weren't able to get any poly extension and that it's basically been completely retracted for the 2+ weeks they've had it. For that reason...
  11. LPS Coral Forum
    Is this a Pink Goniopora and if so , what are the chances of keeping this coral alive? My LFS has one and I would really like this in my tank but I will not get a coral (or fish) that I know doesn't have an excellent chance of survival.
  12. LPS Coral Forum
    Hi everyone, I got My goniopora lps coral around two months ago and im starting to notice Red jelly around the base of my goniopora and i want to know is this normal or is my coral seen better days? Is their anything i could do to help the coral, or should i just leave it alone ? Please let...
  13. SPS Coral Forum
    Hello TRT!! :wavey: This is my first post, so I will try to make it a good one. I am a beginner in the saltwater tank world, I do have experience with freshwater. With that said, I have a 30 gallon nano reef, with 30 lbs of live rock, and about 25 lbs of live sand. My tank has been up and...
  14. LPS Coral Forum
    So I've had this flower pot for about 9 months now. It has probably just about doubled in size since I've had it. Usually my flower pot seems like its flourishing every day, but a week ago I got my first protein skimmer. Around this time I noticed the flower pot hasn't been opening much. Anyways...
  15. Photography Forum
    So after a lot of hard work my tank is finally right where i want it to be, minus one last fish(potter angel) waiting for me at my LFS. But here she is. I would list everything but its way to much!
  16. LPS Coral Forum
    Avlepora? Goniopora? I can never really tell. However, this is the COOLEST color I have ever seen! This is the color during the day. It must hurt the eyes to look at it at night. I am SO envious of the LFS that has this in their DT. It is not for sale. :( It's probably for the best...
  17. LPS Coral Forum
    I've taken the plunge and gone for my first hard coral - a pom pom goniopora went into my RSM 130D last night bit concerned as the interweb suggests these are tricky to keep.... at present its on the sand bed in a low flow area..... I'd welcome some views/thoughts/advice on...
  18. LPS Coral Forum
    What's your luck with Goniopora? Has anybody been able to keep it alive past a year?
1-19 of 44 Results