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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Anyone know from similar experience if a cleaner shrimp -diamond goby and pistol shrimp and watchman Goby can live in a 60 gall tank without mass murder. I havent read too much about wether the shrimp can co-exist ( I would get a largest size cleaner)I would also get a larger size Diamond and a...
  2. Reef Fish
    Hey guys and girls looking for some help here. Seems like something is killing any bottom feeding fish I put in my reef. 150 gal combined reef system full mixed reef running for 2 years. 1 anthias 1 foxface 2 Picasso clowns 1 hippo tang 1 Kobe tang 1 potters wrasse 1 sand sifting star fish 1...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I was wondering if i could add a gobie and a yellow tang to my tank. Would my 6 line wrasse be a problem to a gobie? I had (key word had) a dartfish that was harassed by the wrasse to death and I know that they are somewhat related. I am also wondering if gobies hide a lot or are out and about...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    So I'm looking to replace a High Fin Goby that I had paired with a Randall's Pistol Shrimp. The goby and shrimp paired up almost immediately and then a week later, I lost track of the goby. After a few weeks, I rearranged some of the rock work and found it living under the rocks. I put...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    In a 90 gallon, would it be possible to mix multiple gobies without problems? I know there are a few, such as certain shrimp gobies and others such as clown gobies, that are known to have problems with each other, but would I be able to mix others?
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hi all! Brand new here and brand new to saltwater altogether. My dad had saltwater tanks for years, but he passed away a little over a year ago. His advice would be invaluable about now but I'm hoping to find some help here. :) I have a 55 gallon with about 30 lbs of live rock, 40 lbs of dry...
  7. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    I put this neato pair of sharknose gobys in my tank about a week ago. Today I was feeding and noticed they are suddenly covered in these white 'bumps' like chickenpox (fishpox?haha). One of them is definitely worse than the other. At first I thought ich but it doesn't look like the ich I...
  8. Reef Fish
    I am new to saltwater and I am wondering if I can mix gobies? My set up is: Fluval Osaka 260L (70g) 100 lbs of live sand 70 lbs of live rock Fluval 406 canister filter (in process of getting a sump) 2 hydro koralia 1400 powerheads Current livestock: 2 true perculas 1 blue/green chromis 1...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Hi I was just wondering if I kept two gobys of the same species would they pair up with a pistol shrimp
  10. General Reef Discussion
    So I've had a ywg in my tank for about a year now and he is aroun 2.5 inches. Recently I bought an around 1.5 inch orange spotted goby. The tank is 34g. Do you guys think there is a territorial problem?
  11. Livestock Breeding and Propagation
    Hi i have a 38 gallon reef with no fish in it at the moment. It just has some corals, snails, crabs, and a serpent star. I was thinking about attempting to breed some neon gobies. I have read that they are pretty easy to breed. My tank has many caves. So if anyone has any advice im open to it.
  12. Reef Fish
    I was reading that Blue Gudgeon gobies have to be feed three times a day is this true? Also is it best to introduce two of them to an aquarium at the same time, because they like to pair?
  13. Reef Fish
    I'm looking into getting some type of goby for my 40g long reef. I'm leaning towards an orange spot goby or a yellow watchman goby, or I guess any other spotted goby or maybe a diamond goby idk. I know that there are sand sifting gobies and shrimp gobies but i can't seem to find any info on...
  14. Reef Fish
    Would a sand sifting goby work in my tank? If so, what specific species would work best? My tank is a 135g FOWLR. 1 in fine sand. No refugium. Current fish include: 4 Chromis 1 Purple Firefish 1 Clown 1 Bicolor Blenny Various shrimp, crabs, and snails Thanks for the help.
1-15 of 29 Results