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    We're trying to finish our upgrade from the 55 to the new 70, and we've got several items for sale that I no longer can use. The new tank is drilled, so I need to sell the two HOB skimmers I have so I can pay for an insump skimmer. What I have is listed below with the asking price and brief...
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    I have a taam polario 22ml for sale it works good. It has been in use since December on my 135 oceanic but since I have decided to move I am downsizing to a 75 gallon reef setup so this pump is for sale. This thing moves a lot of water as it is the only powerhead I was using in my 135. Best...
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    I have a 135 oceanic with tank stand and canopy it is the high end american oak cherry finish. The tank is not drilled as I perfer using 2 external overflows. It has a 38 gallon sump as well. I am wanting to trade for a 75 gallon tank, stand and canopy. If there is any interest just shoot me...
1-3 of 3 Results