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  1. Frog Spawn

    lights going down late evening
  2. Dsc 3559

  3. Dsc 3561

  4. Dsc 3551

  5. Dsc 3556

  6. Dsc 3550

  7. Dsc 3547

    Let the day begin
  8. TCMAS
    check it out if you're interested. photos will come at a later time (when we get the photos in, edited and etc) I might be doing some light editing on that web page later this evening.
  9. General Reef Discussion
    I have asked questions on here before and have gotten better ideas and answers than my lfs cares to give me. So i want to thank those who have given me this advice and to all of those out there who give advice to newbies like me. Anyways I have two questions: Have had a 46 gal up and...
  10. Atlanta Reef Club
    Rick, you're in the HVAC business Right? What should one expect to pay for a service call and to fill lets say 4 lbs of a refill for a Puron (r-410, I believe) system??? Thanks,
  11. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    Well, i am finishing up the plumbing plans for my 29, all i have left to purchase is the 250w MH, stand and drill the tank for the drain. So here is my plan to date, any ideas here are encouraged as this is not a final plan yet. I am planning to drill the tank for a 1 1/4" drain line, using an...
1-14 of 14 Results