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  1. LPS Coral Forum
    Hello, I just got a new frogspawn yesterday but the coral looks not good. I am pretty sure one head is dead but not sure other heads. Is that okay? Thank you and have a great day.
  2. General classifieds
    Hello fellow reefers, I have a basketball sized colony of green frogspawn with 50+ heads for sale. Do to it's size it is not ship-able but could be transported in a 5 gallon bucket. Would make a nice showpiece in a 120gal+ tank, or a money maker for a frag farmer. $100. Colony is about 8 years...
  3. LPS Coral Forum
    I am new to reef aquariums but I will post my water parameters and then get to my question. Magnesium - 1340 PPM Calcium - 420 PPM Ammonia - 0 PPM Nitrite - 0 PPM Nitrate - 0 PPM Phosphate - 0 PPM DkH - 9.5-10 dKH pH - 8-8.1 I have a Nuvo Fusion 10 (I know a tank this small is likely not the...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Purchased this huge frogspawn with 30+ heads. A few of them are splitting. My question is does this look like a good spot? The top gets lots of light and the tentacles extend pretty far. The bottom half looks more compact, assuming from the lack of light. Should I keep it there or place it on...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I just bought this HUGE frogspawn and I wanted to know if the placement looks ok. I am curious if it being canted like this will be ok for the bottom half, as far as getting enough light. Thanks for any responses.
  6. LPS Coral Forum
    Hello, I've had a frogspawn for a few months now. When I bought it it had four heads, one of them was dead (the LFS discounted it on account of that) but it seemed to be doing well otherwise. Over the first couple months, the second head on that same branch died, I chalked it up to someone wrong...
  7. LPS Coral Forum
    Hi all, I've had my 29g biocube running for almost a year now and have lately had a hard time with my hammer and frogspawn corals. They were the first corals I had started with and were doing beautifully for the past 5 months or so - growing and fully extended. Within the last month they have...
  8. Nano Reefs
    Hi, So my frogspawn hasnt been doing to well latley. I got it about a month or so ago and it was doing great. Now, for the past week, it has retracted and i have seen brown stuff come out of its mouth. Also, the base is fraying. My params are all good as far as i know, no nitrate or nitrite. I...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    What is this coming out of my frogspawn? I thought maybe a sweeper tentacle but it doesn't look like any of the pics I've seen. I just relocated him- is he mad? I hope he's not sick. It's on the top head.
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hello all! So today I brought home a frogspawn and put it in my tank. Almost instantly my peppermint shrimp starting attacking it and eating it! I then started to scare him away from it, but he just kept returning and trying to eat it. I then moved the frogspawn, and it seems like he wasn't...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys, I just Bought a hammer and a frogspawn from the fl frag swap on saturday. Woot but my issue is my frogspawn completely died in 12 hrs and my hammer is in bad shape, still some tissue but not extending, I know they take time but i am seeing somethings like stuff like clear gel running...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Would placing my frogspawn like this be ok for him. Medium flow and lighting there just wasn't sure with how he is not straight up and down.
  13. LPS Coral Forum
    A week ago I purchased a head of a Frogspawn with green tinted *arms*. My question is where should I put them for ideal growth in my tank. Currently I have them about middle of the tank on the side with minimal flow. I have a Current Orbit LED lighting system. Does great for everything else I...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Since I've been boarded up safely inside out of the negative numbers today, I've just been gazing dreamily into my tank! My clowns have found my frogspawn and are mildly loving on it. They're contemplating spawning and dancing in different areas of the tank, one of which is under the frogspawn...
  15. Perc Clowns

    Female perc clown thinking about hosting...
  16. Frogspawn

  17. General Reef Discussion
    My frag of frogspawn fell onto a lobo sometime last night and was stung pretty good. I put it back in my rockwork but concerned. Whether it will recover.
  18. General Reef Discussion
    I recently moved my entire tank into a new 90 gallon cube. I also adjusted from a T5 lighting system to a ReefBreeder LED lighting setup. My frogspawn coral had always done marvelous, growing and expanding constantly. It was always out, full, and looked healthy. When I moved to the new tank...
  19. LPS Coral Forum
    I got a few bubbles on my frogspawns. Two of mine have the bubbles, is this normal? Thanks guys
  20. LPS Coral Forum
    can anyone tell me if this is a frogspawn or torch. Picked it up this weekend at the lfs (anyone in SW PA needs to check out slippery rock coral). Also any advice would be great. BTW Does it need to be down in the sand like that?
1-20 of 209 Results