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  1. General Reef Discussion
    I'm a grad student and I plan on having live frogfishes in the lab for my research. I have a few questions about their husbandry. 1) Can multiple frogfishes live in the same tank together (20 gallon tanks, with a few 40 & 50 gallon tanks available)? I plan to get 4-5 inch frogfish. 2) I've seen...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I'm new to fish care and fish tanks (I briefly owned a basic 20 gallon aquarium as a kid that my parents did most of the work for). I'm a grad student in NJ, and I need to have live fish as part of my research, and I am hoping to use this forum to ask some questions and get some advice...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I lost my coral beauty angelfish a little while back when I was on vacation.:mad: And I would like to get a new fish for my 75g semi predator tank. I currently have a medium sized snowflake eel, a small blue throught triggerfish, a small angelfish, a firefish, and a yellowtail damsel. I want to...
  4. Reef Fish
    Hello everyone. A couple weeks ago I picked up an angler from my reputable dealer that I buy everything through. Today I noticed this...I can't tell if it's ich or part of his coloration..none of the other fish have exhibited issues. Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 78 Trite/ammonia: 0 Nitrate: 4-5...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hi there I was just asking about what i would need to setup a frogfish tank for relatively low cost. What size tank do i need. i know i need a lot of rock as they like places to hide. What do i feed them. I live in the uk so does anyone know a site where i can buy one. Just need to know what i...
  6. Marine Depot
    VIDEO: Build a perfect Frogfish habitat In this Marine Depot video installment, we set up a species-specific aquarium for a Painted Frogfish. You'll also get to see it "fish" using its rod and lure to catch prey!
  7. Reef Fish
    Hello everyone. So I went to my LFS to check out some possible fish to stock my 30g once its done cycling and fell in love with a wartskin frogfish they have there. I've done a ton of research in the last week on them and they just get more and more fasinating. So my question is, is there any...
  8. Nano Reefs
    Hi all, I have Dymax IQ5 tank, height 25cm, width 21cm x 27cm. i am keeping 2 frogfish and 4 small corals inside, just add in another 3 Frogfish and 1 coral today. Is it okay? The 2 Frogfish and 4 Corals had been in the tank for 1 week plus. they are doing good. Please advise. Thanks:)
  9. General Reef Discussion
    i tried feeding my yellow wartskin angler (frog fish) a small freshwater fish that i usually feed my arowana..i dangled it infront of him and he refused to take it. Then the fish suddenly got loose and the angler immediately sucked it in. Its been quite frustrating trying to get it to eat. it...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Would a filterfeeding sea cucumber be compatible with an 8"snowflake, "3inch dwarf lion, "2-3 inch frogfish? Thanks.
  11. General Reef Discussion
    do you think a 1 1/8 inch frogfish would get along with a 3inch dwarf lion and a 7-8inch snowflake eel? Or would one try to eat the other?
  12. Reef Fish
    Has anyone housed any kind of frogfish sucessfully in a fairly diverse nano cube probably looking at the 27 gallon. Want to get multiple sps lps zoas and shrooms in the nano and I'm not sure if the frogfish is going to be able to live with the corals without hurting them.
  13. Reef Fish
    I have a 30 gallon set up the I would like to put a small frogfish in anyone ever had these? Are they good pets? And anyone have one they would like to sell?
1-13 of 13 Results