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  1. General classifieds
    Hello everyone! I have owned many salt water aquariums over the years and finally decided to try and 3D print parts for them. I have been 3D printing for about 6 months now and have refined the process many times. Currently looking to see if there is any interest for frag racks. I have been...
  2. DIY Forum
    I made a frag rack out of 1/4" acrylic and used Weldon #4 to solvent weld the seams. How long does the rack need to cure before it is safe to put in the tank? Thanks, Ken
  3. General Reef Discussion
    This may be an odd question but does anyone know of a common store that would sell decent magnets? The magnets that came on these frag racks can barely support the empty frag rack due to glass thickness and flow. Any ideas or solutions ? Thanks
  4. General Reef Discussion
    In preperation I am thinning out my tank again and getting a (eshopps) frag rack. I was obviously thinking clear so the light can still get through, but is there any advantage to the black, or is it purely aesthetic? Also if anyone in my area wants a frogspawn, hammer, and/or 2 good sized...
  5. Reefing Equipment
    I'm building a frag rack out of the typical diffusing egg crate light panels. I've seen white and black versions, obviously the black was sprayed painted. I don't mind it, but I'm sick of the slim all black look adorned to so many tanks. White bounces around light better so I figure, why not...
  6. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    FS: 9W UV Sterilizer, 24W UV Sterilizer, Formaline MS Finding these things in my house: FISH VET FORMALIN MS - $7 USED but with brand new UV bulb ... UV STERILIZER 9W - $20 USED UV STERILIZER 24W - $30 here is website U can read some about above Green Killing Machine UV Sterilizers...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Hey everybody. I currently have a 29g biocube hqi, and am wanting a place to place my frags (mainly gsp, zoas, ricordea, some frogspawn and various lps on occasion). The plan is to pick up a 15 gallon tank and light it with an old t5 ho fixture that i have laying around. The fixture has 1...
  8. Reefing Equipment
    Yey! New frag rack arrived this afternoon! Looking forward to starting my own little frag farm this weekend :)
1-8 of 8 Results