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    So i have four years till i go to college. I figured thats ample time to start a tank. I do have experience btw. I now have a 70g fowlr thats cycling and i ran into a snag, or a realization. I want tangs. Not only tangs but triggers. And 70g is not enough. Not close. I also realized that my...
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    With a F/O tank without live sand and without live rock only fake items and non-live sand does the tank still have to cycle and what chemicals are needed just to keep the fish. I have heard several ways. Can someone tell me the correct way. Thanks
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Ok well I have completed my change out from my 55gal. over to my 125gal last week and everything seems to be doing fine. Now my wife has decided she wants to have a 55gal F/O Tank. Can someone tell me exactly how to set this up. No live rock, no live sand, just plain sand and fake things for...