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  1. Open Brain Coral Wholesale - Xanh Tuoi Tropical Fish Co., Ltd

  2. Installing Back Up Drain On Hob Overflow

    Making a Herbie style drain safe on a HOB overflow, by installing a back up drain.
  3. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    Back in the dizzay I had a 55gal display tank with 150 gallons of sump/refugium/misc in the garage. Around 200 gallons of total water volume. It was a great system, I did a lot of research, and it treated me well. That was a decade ago and things have changed. On top of that, it turns out I...
  4. Water movement (pumps & wavemakers)
    I need your help to find a silent, reliable, and powerful pump. I have two one inch PVC downtubes located at the top of the water level (not a bottom drilled tank). I am looking for a powerful pump, but clearly not something that will overflow my two 1-inch downtubes. This is going in a 40gallon...
  5. Inside Wall Tank Photos

    55Gal reef tank with 75gal Sump/Refugium
  6. Reefing Equipment
    Hi, I have recently bought a float switch can you please tell me how to wire it? Do I attach it to the neutral or live wire. Thanks
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Question. Im thinking of getting this but i wanted to know if you can use this to shut the return pump off when water reaches the display tank ( using hob overflow box) if siphon breaks. But when not in use keeps the pump running. Like run it. What i mean is instead of turning on the pump when...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    I recently added a float switch to my RODI and 55 Gallon water barrel. Yesterday I let the RODI run until the switch activated, shutting down the water. Everything seem to work as planned. My question is, Should the water completely shut off, or is it normally rerouted toward the drain water...
  9. Nano Jam Duncan

    two headed Duncan for nano tank
  10. Acclimatization

    drip accl
  11. Reefing Equipment
    So i have a sumpless reef, to keep it short I have an HOB skimmer that likes to overflow once in a while, always when I'm sleeping.. The worst time was when it dumped about 7 gallons all over the floor. Usually happens when I forget to turn it off after feeding the corals, or when I feed a...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, I am going on vacation this Sunday for 1 week and no one will be here to maintain my 10 gallon reef. I am looking for a nice auto top off system. I bought a tsunami ATO system but the water drops too low before the pump kicks in, keep in mind this is a 10 gallon with no sump, or at least...
  13. Gems Of Coral

    GEMS of Coral
  14. Mean Green Under Actnic

    They are a little bigger than a penny in size
  15. 90g Corner Tank With Night Light

    this is my 90g corner tank at night, 1 year old and covered with coraline
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Hi guys, I have a question for you. I am about to set up a sump for my tank, but I want to build a safety system to prevent overflow at the tanks and at the sump. What I am planning to use is a regular float valve to prevent over flow at the sump, and I am thinking of using a float swith to...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, I am planning to wire 2 float switches and 2 12V DC solenoids (5W) in series. I assume that I should use a 24V DC power source? Also, what amp power source will I need? thanks, David
1-19 of 500 Results